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10 Reasons Why People Choose To Eat Fast Food

10 Reasons Why People Choose To Eat Fast Food

Some of us may love fast food – while others may hate it; however, many of us still take time out of our day to stop by the nearest drive-thru – no matter where we lie on the scale. But not everyone has the same reason for doing so, yet no matter the motive, we can all agree that there’s at least one major reason as to why. In turn, we’ve compiled these 10 reasons – that we can all relate to – of why people choose to eat fast food.

1. It’s Quick.

All you have to do is order your food – and it’s done almost instantly. Fortunately, that’s the beauty of fast food, and what draws people in, over and over again; for many don’t even like the amount of time that passes – while heating something up in the microwave. In fact, each agonizing second ticks by slower than the first – making for an excruciating wait. As a result, one of the simplest solutions comes by way of fast food – allowing for a quick and easy meal.

2. You Don’t Feel Like Cooking.

I’m guilty of it; all of us have been at some point; there are days where you just don’t feel like cooking, and it’s as simple as that. Maybe you feel tired – or have had a long day; exhaustion soon sinks in, as you find yourself one step closer to just drifting to sleep, and worrying about food tomorrow. Fortunately, fast food comes in handy during these times – by buying you a little extra time to rest – or work on whatever other tasks you need to get done.

3. It’s Great For When You’re Running Late.

If you’re already struggling to make it to work, school – or a very important occasion – then one of the last things on your mind is food. At this point, you’re probably feeling frantic – and in a panic – about whether or not you’re going to arrive on time. But that’s what makes fast food so great – it comes to the rescue in the midst of dire circumstances. Not only that, but you’ll feel a lot less overwhelmed; After all, you won’t be forced to whip up something – and make yourself more late.


10 Reasons Why People Choose To Eat Fast Food

4. You Get To Enjoy More Of Your Lunch Break.

Those who only have a 30-minute lunch break – or no lunch at all – understand the struggle that comes with trying to get your food, and rush back to your work. Consequently, it’s not a fun experience – especially if you are eating off-site, and battling a large amount of traffic to get back. In fact – by the time you do so – it is usually already time to clock back in; but fast food eliminates this problem altogether – by allowing you to enjoy more of your break time, and make use of it in the right way, to relax.

5. It’s So Bad For You Yet Oh So Good.

You know it would be a much better decision to eat something nutritional – but even so – you still find yourself right back in the same place; what was once a guilty pleasure is suddenly an everyday thing – and you can’t help but wonder, “What keeps bringing me back?” In these types of instances, it’s safe to say that even though the contents of the food you’re eating is bad, the taste itself is absolutely delicious.

6. You Can Satisfy Your Cravings.

Isn’t it funny how late hours of the night seem to be the only time when food commercials are at an ultimate high? Consequently, your stomach seems to love this cruel trick brought on by each and every advertisement; in fact, one second you could think you’re full, only to be greeted by an intense craving for a particular food. Suddenly, you find yourself in line to get that chocolate lava cake – with an extra scoop of ice cream – but before it never crossed your mind.


10 Reasons Why People Choose To Eat Fast Food

7. It’s Cheap.

One of the best parts about fast food is that it’s cheap; in other words, there is never a time where you’ll find yourself having to break the bank – when going through the drive-thru. In turn, a lot of people turn to fast food because it’s all that their budget can handle at the moment – especially if you’re a struggling college student. That’s why the dollar menu seems to be one of our personal favorites – because all you need is a couple of bucks to fill yourself up for the day.

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8. You’re Grabbing A Bite To Eat With A Friend.

We’ve all been between a rock and a hard place – especially when our friends ask us to come with them to grab a bite to eat. You manage to pull together the strength – and/or will power – to say “No.” but as soon as they say “on me.” You can’t help but take them up on their offer. In turn, you want the company of your best friend – even if that means fast food.


9. You Already Have Too Many Tasks To Complete.

Homework has piled up to the point where your planner is suddenly beginning to look like a novel – and stress begins to settle, as you look at all you have left to do. But in the midst of this, you know the one thing that you can count on during the late nights of “catch-up and study”? Fast food. With it, you can complete a lot more tasks than you would have otherwise.

10 Reasons Why People Choose To Eat Fast Food

10. You’ve Had A Late Night Out And Want Food Before You Fall Asleep.

Everyone needs a Girls Night Out every once in a while – but as the early evening creeps into the late hours of the night you may as well forget about making food altogether. You find yourself dozing off in the car ride home – but before you slip into your most comfortable pajamas – wouldn’t you like a nice juicy burger? I know I would and this is exactly why fast food gets me every time.

We hope that these 10 reasons of why people choose to eat fast food help you better understand your own eating habits. Don’t forget to share – and let us know your thoughts – in the comments below!

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