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The Ultimate List Of The Best Fast Food Salads At Every Establishment

The Ultimate List Of The Best Fast Food Salads At Every Establishment

Sometimes a craving for a good salad just hits you! But if you are out and about, it can be tough finding a good salad to satisfy you. If you are in search of a healthier option at the drive thru, then you’ll definitely want to check out this list of the best fast food salads at every establishment.

1. Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad from McDonald’s – 320 calories

Don’t let the M-word fool you! This salad has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. It also has baby spinach, baby kale, and romaine lettuce so you can definitely feel good about this salad.

2. Fuji Apple Chicken Salad from Panera – 570 calories

This salad has delicious apple chips, a white balsamic vinaigrette, and Gorgonzola. It also has 29 grams of protein, so this salad will keep you satisfied all the way til dinner!

3. Fiesta Taco Salad from Taco Bell – 720 calories

This salad might cure your taco craving, if you are looking to feel a tad less guilty afterward. (You can also add toppings like nacho cheese, though, if you don’t care about calories today!)

4. Grilled Market Salad from Chick Fil A – 330 calories

At 330 calories, this is a lunch choice you can feel good about! Chick Fil A’s salad is topped with strawberries, apples, and blueberries for a crisp and sweet taste. (It also a healthier option of the Chick Fil A Cobb salad, which has 27 grams of fat.)

5. Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad from Wendy’s – 480 calories

This Wendy’s salad has a few ingredients you may be surprised to find at a fast food chain. From a yummy quinoa blend to a delicious hummus, this is definitely the best choice on the menu!

6. Harvest Turkey Salad from Au Bon Pain – 440 calories

This turkey salad only has 3.5 grams of saturated fat, so eat up! It is the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

7. Hummus Tahina Salad from Sweetgreen – 610 calories

Do you have a Greek craving? Then you will absolutely love this falafel and hummus topped salad from Sweetgreen.

8. Taco Salad from Qdoba – 470 calories

Load this baby up with all of your favorite toppings for the ultimate taco salad at Qdoba.

9. Veggie Delite from Subway – 230 calories

This salad is great because you can just about anything on you can think of! Or, if you are just looking for a nice clean salad you can leave it as is.

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10. Build Your Own Salad from Chipotle – 200-800 calories

Ditch the tortilla and top your Chipotle salad with all of your favorite toppings! You won’t feel bad about spending the extra cash on guacamole!

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11. Greek Steak Salad from D’Angelo – 780 calories

This Greek salad is topped with delicious steak, banana peppers, and feta. Definitely getting a lot of bang for your buck!

12. Chicken Club Salad from Burger King – 610 calories

OK, so I would not recommend this salad if you are looking to be healthy. But if you are in the mood for a cheat salad, this is probably one of the best fast food salads (that are actually not all that great for you.)

13. Green Goddess Avocado Salad from Starbucks – 620 calories

Did you know that Starbucks has salads? They are fresh, flavorful, and packed with the good stuff – like baby kale and avocado. So yummy!

14. OR Salad from KFC – 440 calories

Want to feel better about the KFC craving you’re having? Try some original recipe on a salad!

15. Grilled Chicken Salad from Jack in the Box – 245 calories

This grilled chicken salad from Jack in the Box has 35 grams of protein and only 350 calores! It is the perfect, guilt-free option at the drive thru.

Do you know some more of the best fast food salads? Tell us in the comments below!
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