5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Indiana University

Indiana University is hands down the best college in America. The woodsy atmosphere, immense amount of school spirit, and awesome parties are just a few reasons why any right-minded person would chose to go to IU.

1. The Tailgates are Insane

From rows and rows of frats tents, to screaming your favorite songs in the middle of a tailgating field with your best friends, game days at IU are insane. You start anywhere from 10 am in the morning and go until the early morning of the next day celebrating the Hoosiers, even if we lost.

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2. Academics are A1

If you’re looking for an awesome campus full of dedicated professors and a wide variety of course selections, go to IU. Go to IU, I’m telling you.

3. Hoosier Pride

The Candy Striped pants. The widely known fight song. Heck, there’s even a song on Spotify called “This Is Indiana”. The school spirit at IU is unlike any other school in the states, and you’ll feel right at home doing the infamous “Fist to Blades” chant in the stands.

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4. The Campus

Indiana University is located in the rural, hilly, and beautiful town of Bloomington. The college consumes the town, making everything always about the Hoosiers. The campus itself spills into the streets of Bloomington. The beautiful limestone buildings, towering trees, and multitude of small rivers that run throughout campus make IU an unforgettable place.

5. The Parties

IU is ranked one the top party schools in America for a reason. The renowned “Little 5” bike race attracts students from literally every college in Indiana just because the week is full of parties, darties, and other festivities. What other school cancels classes just so students can go crazy for a bike race?

Why else did you chose to go to Indiana University? Let us know in the comments below!
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