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20 Signs You Go To SMU

20 Signs You Go To SMU

There are a few tell-tale signs you go to SMU, especially if you're a girl. Here is the stereotypical Southern Methodist University girl!

There are a few tell-tale signs you go to SMU–especially if you’re a girl. Here is the stereotypical SMU girl!

1. You own one of these

Honestly there is nothing more to say here. This is 10/10 the most extra thing about this school.

2. You’re a lululemon enthusiast

Did you actually go to the gym today? No one has to know.


3. You know Northpark like the back of your hand

Northpark is a truly magical place. Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret, and a Cartier store to admire from afar all in one place? Count me in.

4. Club Fondy is basically where you sleep

Now that the library has a starbs, there is literally no reason to leave. Let the rage-and-caffeine filled essay writing extravaganza commence.’

5. You’ve almost frozen to death in the lecture hall on the top floor of Dallas Hall

This place is a terrible, inescapable ice box, but you’ll no doubt have to take a class in it. Have fun.



6. You can be found at OT Tavern every Wednesday

OT Wednesdays are a right of passage. Is it even possible to get through four years here without going?

7. Trophy Room is you go-to

Nothing to do on a Saturday night? Trophy Room is your place. It doesn’t matter that it’s not rented out–you’ll see everyone you know there anyway.


8. You went to Coachella (and made sure everyone knew it)

If you aren’t at Coachella–you’ll feel like you are anyway. Prepare to have your snapchat bombarded with videos of the Chainsmokers set.

9. You have legitimately considered ubering from Dallas Hall back to your dorm

Is the walk back to the new-dorms really worth it? It couldn’t be that expensive, right?

10. You’ve walked to Mac’s  at 5 on a Friday, just to realize it has yet to open

What is it about Fridays? Do they want us to starve? Ugh, I’ll just postmate pōk.


11. Your best friend may or may not be Derrick from Umph

Literally the best person on this campus. Derrick for president.

12. You’ve said the sentence, “let’s grab margs at Banditos!”

Banditos. The mecca of college students who just got money from their parents. Every girl needs a skinny marg night on occasion.

13. You own one of these

This is absolutely somewhere at the bottom of one of your drawers.


14. You have said that you need to work out, while eating warm Umph cookies

But I mean, treat yourself, right?

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15. Giddy Up has forgotten you. More than once.

The concept of Giddy Up is great, but where is that little golf cart when you need it? Walking across campus on FaceTime with your friend at 2am to make sure you don’t die has become a ritual.



16. You’ve gone to the Hawaiian Nail Bar and are never going back

This is definitely a front for the drug trade. Maybe a mafia meeting place. Whatever it is, you’re not going back.

17. You’ve brunched at the Rustic, and instagrammed it

This place is legendary. Never change, Rustic.


18. Your favorite weekends are Boulevard weekends

You tailgate? That’s cute.

19. You have spent a night on MoMac

It happens to everyone. Just accept it.

20. You couldn’t imagine being anywhere else

This is the most incredible place ever, and you have so much love for D-town. Pony Up!

Did I miss anything? What are other signs you go to SMU? Let me know in the comments!
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