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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Florida State University

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Florida State University

10 People You'll Always Run Into At Florida State University
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Florida State University has a multitude of students, with current enrollment being right around 41,000. With that being said, obviously it is a very diverse group. Let me tell you about the 10 people you will always run into here at FLST8.


1) Typical Florida State University Sorority Girl.

She is beauty, she is grace, she is a sorority girl. For some reason it seems like 80% of sorority girls are blondes. Beautiful blonde clones. They all look the same and always appear “runway ready” for a Victoria Secret fashion show. Sorority girls are seen daily strutting around campus, flexing in their colored-lens Ray Bans, Tory Burch sandals and a shirt flaunting their sorority letters. When they’re not on campus, you can find them at Henri Girl, or Vale getting an acai bowl, or at Pike, because that’s where they all hang out, right?


2) Frat Star.

When most people think of a frat boy they think Vineyard Vines t-shirt, pastel colored shorts accompanied by Sperry loafers. Wrong. Here at FLST8, your average frat star is spotted wearing Converse and sunglasses all the time, including indoors. Don’t forget they’re always repping their favorite accessory, the trusty Juul and/or cig. It has been rumored that girls travel in packs, but really it’s the frat boys who do. They come to happy hour in packs of 10 and are very territorial over the spot in front of their “bro’s bar” where they won’t even let Tom Brady squeeze through to get a drink if he was behind them.


3) Student Athlete.

Probably the easiest people to spot on campus. Student athletes are decked out in FSU attire from head to toe. They also whip around campus on hover boards. Can you say luxury lifestyle or what? It’s a fact that they enjoy time out of classes due to team travel for away games. Talk about a perk…..

4) Top Tier Promoter.

Alright, we get it, you’ve been a Top Tier promoter for two weeks now. Your last status got 40 likes so you finally got added to the “top tier tab” at TENN on Fridays, sick. But there’s still no reason to wear the hat and tank top every time you go to the leach. Aside from the fact Top Tier employees dress like walking billboards to advertise events, they sure do know how to throw a party on Friday nights at TENN.


5) The Popular GDI.

The popular GDI is someone who isn’t in Greek life but still has all the benefits of being in one. For example, they get invited to everything and know absolutely everyone. Whether they never were into Greek life or have dropped out of Greek life, they are considered to be a badass. Not sure how many asses they had to kiss to be so popular but they’re killin’ it.

6) The Local DJ.

The DJ that makes you want to grab as many napkins that you can fit in one hand and throw them up in the air in Standard on your favorite drop.  Whether it be a pre-game or an after-party, they always get a crowd going and a party popping.

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7) The Super Senior.

The super senior is someone who was a senior when you were a freshman now you’re a senior and they’re still a “senior”. Shit is not adding up, please graduate. I’m not even 100% sure that some of these super seniors are even still enrolled at FSU I think they just want to party a little longer, so what?

8) Bar Regulars.

These are the people who are out…. Every. Single. Night. I have so many questions: what is your GPA, are you living on a cot upstairs at Standard and how can you afford to go out every night? I would try to describe how to spot these people on campus but they probably don’t even make it to class because too hungover.


9) Football Team Groupies.

Being that our football team kicks ass, this calls for groupies. Football team groupies are the worst. They are so desperate to get any sort of attention from the football team and are usually trying to get football players in Snapchats at the bar or pictures with them to post on Instagram. These groupies are lucky the football team is so nice and actually puts up with their craziness.

10) Frat Rats.

A frat rat is that girl is a fixture at the fraternity houses. It’s not clear who is inviting them or if they even are getting invited, but go home. The type of girls that chill with frat guys because it’s “less drama,” truth be known, the boys don’t even want them at the house at 3 P.M. because they’re trying to bool and chop without female presence in the room. These rats usually know every “secret” door code to get into the frat houses and walk around with their head held high, drinking a natty light, acting like they own the damn place.

Can you think of any other types of people you’d run into at Florida State University?! Comment below!
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