Ranking Of The Worst Places To Eat At Florida State University

FSU has a ton of great restaurants to eat at, but with every good restaurant, there is always a bad one. Keep reading for the ultimate ranking of the worst places to eat at Florida State University. Avoid these places when eating on campus!

10. Chick-fil-a

Okay, hear me out. Chick-fil-a is amazing, but the on-campus location is truly a nightmare. The lines are horrendously long, half the menu is missing, and they don’t even put whipped cream or cherries on top of the milkshakes!!! You’re better off going to the off-campus location that’s only a 5-minute walk from the Psychology Department.


9. Grindhouse Café

Grindhouse Café has amazing blended drinks, including their specialty drink, The Hangover. But when you’re located inside the Askew Student Life Center and charge $4.75 for a drink, it’s just unacceptable not to take FSU cash. Besides, a Starbuck’s Frappuccino is just as good and slightly cheaper than a blended drink at Grindhouse Café (plus, Starbuck’s accept FSU cash at the on-campus locations).


8. Freshens

This restaurant is a wannabe Jamba Juice and Crepe Vine, but still a worse version of both restaurants.

7. Subway

The subs are pretty good, but the toaster oven is always broken, so you usually end up with a cold sub, and who wants that? Either way, you’re much better off going to Publix for a Pub Sub.

6. Suwannee

Go here if you like when your re-heated frozen food comes with a commentary side of flies.

5. Fresh Foods

Two words: soggy pizza.


4. Miso

If you like noodles that bare a closer resemblance to soggy gray shoelaces than actual lo mein, go here. Bonus: the orange chicken is actually just plain chicken with sweet and sour sauce on the side.

3. Chili’s

If you love cold food and having to cancel your entire afternoon to dine here (seriously, not an exaggeration, the service is so bad), then this place is for you!

2. The Den by Denny’s

If you hate yourself and the choices you made last night, go here.

1. Seminole Pies

Words cannot describe how bad this pizza is. And if you thought that the garlic knots they serve could save Seminole Pies, think again because undercooked garlic knots are never good. I can’t believe FSU took away Papa Johns for this.

Do you agree with this list of the worst places to eat at Florida State University? Comment below!
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