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What Exactly Happens At Freshman Orientation At Hofstra University

What Exactly Happens At Freshman Orientation At Hofstra University

What Exactly Happens At Freshman Orientation At Hofstra University

Are you thinking about freshman orientation at Hofstra University? Everyone worries about freshman orientation. Questions of “will I make friends?”, “will I have fun?”, and “what will we be doing?” run rampant through the heads of many. What happens at freshman orientation at Hofstra University is more fun than you think.

You make tons of friends.

Okay, obvious but it’s true. Sometimes you make friends that’ll last and others that you’ll forget they ever existed in the fall. Either way, everyone is looking to make friends and everyone is just as nervous as you are about it.

You attend a lot of sessions.

Some will be entertaining, some will be boring but all will be informative.



You have roommates.

Your first taste of college living. You get roommates just like you would if you lived in a suite. You quickly learn; some roommates are good and some are pretty bad.

You go to a mini club fair.

Not all clubs go but you never know what clubs you may find that interest you. They have a good handful of interesting clubs that come to visit that you can learn more about.


You have decent food.

It may not be the best food you’ve ever had but it is pretty decent. At least it’s all free!

The OLs are amazing.

The orientation leaders may be there as guides throughout orientation but they are so much more. Cherish your orientation leader for all that they’re worth because they do some incredible work!

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Speaking of OLs…

There is a lot of singing and dancing. Yep, the OLs are pretty talented and they make orientation a ton of fun.

You have a lot of time to hang out.

Night time is the perfect time to get to know people. After all of the sessions, you have time to meet new people in your class, talk to the OLs and make new friends. The night time can be a lot of fun as there is plenty to do.



Lastly, you have a lot of fun.

That may be cliché but you do have a ton of fun. From making new friends to exploring campus to talking about the assigned reading book that everyone totally read, Hofstra freshman orientation is a lot of fun and a time you’ll never forget.

Are you excited for freshman orientation at Hofstra University?
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