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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Florida State University

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Florida State University

Need ideas for cheap dates at FSU? Here is a list of 15 cheap dates at Florida State University for you and your babe. They are fun FSU dates to go on!

Going to Florida State is your chance to discover who you are outside of the school system and learning what it is like to “adult.” Part of that experience for a lot of us is dating around and finding out what characteristics we would like for our future partner. But how can we go on dates if we are broke college students? Ladies and gentlemen, going on a date with someone by no means needs to be expensive. Especially at FSU where you have so many free or cheap fun things to do around campus. Here are just 15 of many cheap and fun date ideas around Florida State University:

1. Bowling at Oglesby Union.

Not only is this a classic date idea but the prices at Crenshaw Lanes are extremely low for FSU students. Open bowling is $1.75 per game, per person but on specific dates and times, you can get an even better deal than that. On Wednesdays, games are $1.00 and shoes are $1.00 from 9-11 p.m. or on Thursday, you can bowl one and get a game/shoes for free from 9pm-12am! If you don’t want to go out during the week, they have Cosmic Bowling for $10 from 9 p.m.-2 a.m. For more information on Crenshaw Lanes, visit here !

2. A Picnic at “The Rez.”

A picnic is another classic date idea but this is honestly so cheap and can be completely free if you play your cards right. If either you or your partner have sandwich essentials (bread, meat, cheese, etc.) and you are both FSU students, this date would be completely free of cost. Pro Tip: If you don’t have condiments (mayo, mustard, etc.), go to a Publix and they have packets of them in their deli section for free. You can make sandwiches before you go, pack your “basket,” grab a blanket or towel, and take the bus over to the makeshift beach for FSU. For more information about FSU’s Reservation, go here!


3. Lattes at the Café.

Instead of going to Starbucks for a date, why don’t you try one of the many coffee shops in the surrounding area of FSU? There are cute little coffee shops all around campus that are Instagram worthy so even if the date doesn’t go well, at least you got a good picture. For a closer to the campus option, I would highly recommend Catalina Café. It has good drinks, good food, and good prices. If you are willing to make the 15min. drive (and trust me, it is worth), The Lucky Goat Coffee Co. has some of the best coffee at affordable prices. They have made a signature cold brew called the “Tally-cino” that is to die for.

4. Club Downunder.

A fan favorite at FSU, Club Downunder is a place where you can find music, dancing, comedy, and so much more. And guess what? If you are both FSU students, it is FREE for you to get in! Visit here for a schedule of what Union Productions is putting on!


5. Movie Night for Free at the SLC.

Are you both movie buffs but the romance is still budding so you don’t want make the other person uncomfortable with a Netflix and Chill night? We have a FREE movie theater on campus that has anything from “oldie but goodies” to the hottest new flick playing. Small word of advice: make sure to pick a movie you both like or come to a compromise. It makes the time you spend together more enjoyable.

6. Happy Hour Drinks.

Are you both of the legal drinking age but struggling with being a broke college students? Find a happy hour near you! Sitting over drinks is a great way to get to know each other and talk openly. Just make sure you don’t drink and drive. Take an Uber or have a designated driver.


7. A Walk in the Garden.

Does anyone else like to take a stroll in beautiful places? Maclay Gardens State Park is the perfect place for you and your significant other to walk through or even have a picnic if you want. There is always different festivities going on there too! The only thing to be mindful of is if you do drive there, it is a $6 entry fee.

8. Attend a FSU Sporting Event.

Show your love for your school and each other by watching a sport at FSU! This is a cool way to get to know your S.O.’s likes and dislikes and also to spend time together without all the pressure of being alone.


9. Visit a Cupcake, Donut, or Ice Cream Shop.

Have a mega-sweet tooth? Take your date to check out any of the like sweet shops around the campus. You can often make it out of the shop for less than $10 so you don’t break the bank but still get to spend quality time together.

10. Take A Free Class Together at FSU.

If you are both FSU students, try taking a FREE class together on campus. There are classes for everyone on campus that range from a cooking to a salsa dancing to fitness. Just find a class that works for you both and have fun!


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11. Concerts at the Civic Center.

If you both love live music in a big environment, this is perfect for you guys! The FSU Civic Center hosts so many different artists from mainstream to indie and provides a great atmosphere. Past part: If you are both FSU students, its either free or at a really reduced price. You can check out the food truck site for upcoming events and concerts!


12. Food Truck Thursday.

About a mile from FSU, there is a food truck hub that you can go to and get some awesome food. There is anything from cupcakes to tacos to burgers and more. Not only do you get to spend time with your S.O. but you get to have amazing food. Who doesn’t love food?

13. Landis Green Study “Date.”

Not all dates have to be out and about. If you and the person you like are in a class together, you can disguise a date as just studying on the green! If you feel like you guys are vibing, you can ask her out after as well. Try to make the studying fun by playing some study games rather than just the plan “swapping notes.”


14. Work Out Together.

If you and your S.O. are work out fiends or you guys want to start getting fit together, why not go to the gym? For one, it’s free. Two, it could be something that you can both bond over. Three, it’s FREE.

15. Netflix and Dinner

For those of my friends who just enjoy a good night in, maybe a Netflix movie night is the best for you. This is the simplest in terms of you don’t to go anywhere but your room and as long as one of you has Netflix and Ramen, this date is free. This also always you and your S.O. to get close in a more intimate setting. Just make sure to give your roommate some forewarning in the case of this date turning into more of a Netflix and “Chill” kind of night.

Let us know what you think about these Florida State University dates! Drop us a line!!
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