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8 Places You Need To Travel To This Autumn

8 Places You Need To Travel To This Autumn

Although you’re probably out somewhere soaking up the sun and taking full advantage of summertime and all of its benefits, the honest (and unfortunate for some) reality of the situation is that fall is right around the corner. Your entire lifestyle will do a full 360. Swimsuits and sunglasses on the beach will gradually start to transform into layering up in hoodies and sweats during chilly nights.
But does that mean your travel plans and urge to see new places has to come to a halt? 
Not necessarily.
In fact, and contrary to popular belief, traveling in the fall is almost, if not just as popular as summer travels and summer vacations! With just a little research, you’re sure to find an abundance of places that’ll provide you with the cool, fall vibes you need in your life. And thankfully, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you! Check out these eight places to travel this autumn.

1. Bavaria, Southern Germany

Remember those default screensavers on old Windows computers with pictures of nature that always looked too perfect to be real? Well, I’m convinced this is the place where those pics were taken. 
To label this as a wonderful for Instagram pictures would be an understatement. The colors here during fall are extremely rich and vibrant. Century-old architecture like castles and old churches are still around to provide you with that aged, medieval feel, and numerous mountains and hills serve as the perfect backdrop. You won’t regret adding this to your possible fall travel destinations. 
8 Places You Need To Travel To This Autumn

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Las Vegas is an ideal place to travel if you aren’t too worried about seeing fall colors. For starters, flights are exponentially cheaper to Vegas during fall season, and in the process, you’ll be doing yourself the service of avoiding the scorching Nevada summer heat. From adult activities like casinos and adult-themed restaurants to family-oriented activities like ball games and mini-golf, there surely won’t be a shortage of things to get into.
8 Places You Need To Travel To This Autumn

3. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I’m not sure what it is about Montreal, but it just sounds like a great spot for fall travels. There’s really no way you can go wrong. Great food, great atmosphere, and there’s nothing like good/old Canadian hospitality. This should be a for-sure add to your travel list.
8 Places You Need To Travel To This Autumn

4. Bar Harbor, Maine

This is generally a hot spot for fall travels in the U.S., so don’t think you’ll be the lone-visitor. Again, colors? Amazing. The 40-mile Acadia Byway compliment them well, too, and is a sight to see within itself. Visit here and you won’t regret it.
8 Places You Need To Travel To This Autumn

5. Litchfield Hills, Connecticut

Somewhat nearby is another travel destination you shouldn’t overlook. If fall wonderlands were a thing (and not so corny sounding), this would definitely be it. I believe the picture can speak for itself. 
8 Places You Need To Travel To This Autumn

6. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Where you think of the state Wyoming, your immediate thought generally isn’t tourism or somewhere you’d want to visit. However, you should! Thus place is secretly slept on, and you’ll leave appreciate the true beauty nature has to offer.
8 Places You Need To Travel To This Autumn

7. The Eastern Shore of Maryland

Beautiful aquatic views and great seafood! What else is there to say? If that alone doesn’t have you sold, I’d question if you’re actually a human being. You may return home ten pounds heavier, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.
8 Places You Need To Travel To This Autumn

8. Boston, Massachusetts 

Boston is a travel spot that last on the list but definitely not least. Take advantage of the weather here! During fall, it’s not that humid, hot autumn weather you may find in other regions of the U.S., but it isn’t too chilly either. Enjoy the atmosphere and be sure to get a lobster roll before you leave!
Now that you’ve made it this far, you should be arguing with friends and family on which fall vacation spot to commit to. Don’t worry though. They aren’t going anywhere! Add them all to your list and scratch them off one by one. When you’re done, come back and let us know which was your favorite! 
8 Places You Need To Travel To This Autumn

Planning on traveling this fall? Which places are you interested in? Let us know in the comments!

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