Here’s When You Should Wear An Oversized Denim Jacket, And When You Should NOT

Oversized denim jackets can look really cute or disastrous depending on then you and how you wear them. Denim is such a cute look, especially for summertime. It is lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear and you can use it to accessorise almost any and every outfit! Just because it is summer doesn’t mean it will be hot all the time but you also won’t want a thick winter jacket that you will overheat in. These pointers will give you the best advice on when to rock these jackets and when not to!

1. When to: Casual maxi dress

With the hotter weather coming up you will be wearing a lot more summery clothes. Maxi dresses are a particular favourite during the summer months. But Just because it’s summer doesn’t guarantee super hot weather. And if you’re out all day, it might get cooler in the evening which means you don’t want to be caught out sleeveless.

This is where a denim jacket can come in handy.  It can look super cute over a maxi dress as it makes the outfit a little more casual and chill and will keep you warm if the weather turns. We recommend the acid washed longline oversized jacket from Boohoo for a chic flare.

Here’s When You Should Wear An Oversized Denim Jacket, And When You Should NOT

2. When to: Adding edge to your look

Oversized denim jackets can also be used to add edge to your look. Topshop have a bleach wash dad jacket that gives you a rebellious, alternative look. Embrace your inner rebel by teaming it with a long, baggy t-shirt and some knee-high boots. The oversized design of the jacket adds immense sex appeal to this outfit as well as amping up the overall vibe of this outfit. It’s casual but stylish, edgy but pretty and makes you look effortlessly glamorous.

Here’s When You Should Wear An Oversized Denim Jacket, And When You Should NOT

3. When to: Dressing up a casual outfit

Team this with a pair of shorts and a crop top to add some style to your outfit. Casual looks with shorts and crop tops or band t-shirts always look cute, especially at this time of year. But Sometimes you want to dress it up a little bit. An oversized denim jacket is the perfect fashion accessory to help balance the fine line between casual and smart. Missguided have an especially cute one that will help glam up any casual look when it’s draped over you! Pair with ankle boots or some Doc Martens for an extra stylish appearance. 

Here’s When You Should Wear An Oversized Denim Jacket, And When You Should NOT

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4. When not to: With different colour denim

This is maybe just a good rule in general when it comes to denim but it’s especially more noticeable with an oversized denim jacket. If you’re wearing a light denim jacket that travels down beyond your waist to your trousers you don’t want to be in black denim jeans. It will not look good. When it comes to oversized denim, clashing colours are just never going to work. The clash is too obvious and it will not be flattering.

5. When not to: With a chunky hoodie or jumper

You’re already wearing a big jumper, hoodie or sweatshirt so why would you wear an oversized denim jacket with it? The bigger jacket will look really cute and chic on its own over cute shirts or t-shirts but over baggy sweaters it will be unflattering and will do nothing for your shape! Because it’s oversized, you’ll want to match it with slimmer fitting clothes to balance it out and help accentuate your fine figure!

6. When not to: With culottes

Again, much like the problem with wearing a baggy jumper with an oversized denim jacket, if you’re wearing baggy trousers like culottes the bigger jacket will not compliment you. They look a lot better with slim-fitted trousers or skinny jeans. You need to balance the bagginess of the jacket with slimline trousers or pencil skirts to complete your look with a sexy edge.

Would you or have you worn an oversized denim jacket from this list? Do you have any other tips on how to wear them? Leave a comment!

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