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10 Places To Travel To With Your Best Friend

10 Places To Travel To With Your Best Friend

Traveling with a friend is a fun experience that everyone should attempt in their lifetime. Grab your best friend and travel the world.

Traveling with a friend is an opportunity no one should pass up. “Oh, the places you’ll go,” as quoted from the legendary children’s author Dr. Seuss. When you travel with a friend the journey you embark on has a way of creating everlasting bonds and building tighter friendships along the way. Here are 10 places to travel to with your best friend.

1. Chicago, Illinois

From a recent experience, I have journeyed to Chicago for the first time to hang out with a childhood friend who is currently doing volunteer work. I never been to Chicago nor have I ever had the niche to really visit the city. Yet, my friend was out there and I figured why not go while I have someone I really care about out there. I have to admit even in the hardcore snow Chicago took my breath away. There was so much to explore and do during my weekend trip. My best friend had even made a list of plans. Visit the bean, ice skate, take a beautiful walk near the lakefront. The list goes on.

10 Places To Travel To With Your Best Friend

2. Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica is a perfect location for traveling with a friend. This proper beach is gorgeous with the help of a beautiful boardwalk much like the classic Nickelodeon show “Rocket Power.” What makes Santa Monica such a travel hub is the fact just under a mile away is Venice Beach. With just a short walk you and your best friend can see the beauty of one beach change to the beauty of another beach.

10 Places To Travel To With Your Best Friend

3. New York City, New York

Surely, you already guessed that New York City would make the list. New York is a tourist hub but with a friend beside you feel free to be a tourist in more local areas and local spots. Check out the more underground, alternative scenes. While also going full-blown tourist newbie with seeing the Statue of Liberty and the New York Times Square.

10 Places To Travel To With Your Best Friend

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

Traveling with a friend to Louisiana is a great idea when it comes to splitting the bill for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This state doesn’t just cater to being an appetizer for the soul but carries a lively swag of European and Caribbean mixture. Best friends should think out-of-the-box and travel to New Orleans with the mindset to explore over partying.

10 Places To Travel To With Your Best Friend

5. Dallas, Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas. You and your friend will fully fall in love with the country lifestyle as you spend your days learning to be cowboys and kicking it every night at the local waffle house. Texas is a beautiful location for any friendship to blossom. Friends should consider making plans to learn how to ride a horse, pick flowers and lay back and enjoy the calm ease of the day.




10 Places To Travel To With Your Best Friend



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6. Honolulu, Hawaii

Surf the waves, taste the pineapple spears and enjoy an aloha spirited day on the big island. Hawaii is the perfect tropical paradise for traveling with a friend. There are so many areas to explore on this breathtaking island as well as so much to do. You and your friend will have everlasting memories that you will someday tell your grandchildren about.

10 Places To Travel To With Your Best Friend

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7. Salem, Massachusetts

While traveling with a friend adjust your schedule to fit a stop in Salem, Massachusetts. Salem is a city filled with a lot of history and possibly some witchcraft. If you and your friend enjoy the 1993 movie, Hocus Pocus then plan to visit a few real locations that made the film. This city will surely put a spell on you.

10 Places To Travel To With Your Best Friend

8. Atlanta, Georgia

Journey to the south for a fulfilling time in Atlanta, Georgia. Share a sweet peach with your best friend, head to the aquarium to see a whale shark. Or get in touch with America’s roots in the Civil Right Movement. This southern city serves delicious food and holds a great nightlife for young adults. Your friend and you may never want to leave Georgia after you arrive.

10 Places To Travel To With Your Best Friend

9. Phoenix, Arizona

When traveling with a friend you should think out-of-the-box. Though Phoenix isn’t necessarily a hotspot of extreme tourism compared to Hawaii and California it continues to have its perks. This desert valley is unique in landscape and architecture. Best friends should plan to spend a few hours in a desert botanical garden or take pictures at the Phoenix Zoo. Arizona is packed with Native American culture which is interesting to learn about during your travel time. Get a move on to heading to this location and don’t forget your sunscreen.

10 Places To Travel To With Your Best Friend

10. Las Vegas, Nevada

If you haven’t been here for the gambling or walking the strip than now is the best time to grab your best friend and travel to this more than lit sin city. Nevada is for friends who are already comfortable with each other. Once a few drinks get into your system and gambling goes to your head you will definitely want a friend to be at your side.

10 Places To Travel To With Your Best Friend

Traveling with a friend is a chance of a lifetime. If you have the time propose the idea to travel with your friend. You never know they might just be down for the ride. Let us know in the comment section what city you and your friend plan to travel or have already traveled to.
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