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Men’s Wardrobe Items To Get Rid Of ASAP

Men’s Wardrobe Items To Get Rid Of ASAP

As a man, the men’s wardrobe is one of the essential parts of our lives. It’s very critical because the older we get, women would not let you get away with the swagger of a teenager anymore. With age comes wisdom. With wisdom comes the changing of the wardrobe. For some, it can be a painful transition because of the fond memories we have with certain pieces of clothing. This change is for the best, and I promise you, you will look your age and feel more appealing to everyone.

Old Favorite clothes

This was, for me, the most challenging part of changing my wardrobe. The men’s wardrobe is filled with all kinds of favorite clothes for different reasons. These clothes have endless amounts of memories that come to mind every time we put it on. Nothing is wrong with having a specific shirt and or pants. The problem is when we decide that every memory we have with most of the clothes, we attribute that item of clothes as one of your favorites. You shouldn’t have more than five old favorite clothing in your closet. If you do time to get rid of those clothes. We make memories every day regardless of the clothes we wear, its time to give them up and make new memories.

Out of style clothes

In my men’s wardrobe, I had a green, Black Label shirt in my closet that I got from one of my closes friends around 2008. Even to the day, I got rid of the shirt, every time I would look at it, I would be so amazed at the way it looked. The problem was I knew that there is no way I would ever get caught outside my house wearing that shirt. No one wants to be seen as an out of touch person within the world. Don’t walk around with out-of-date clothing because eventually, people will let you know. Regardless of how we feel about people in the world, the feeling of standing out is something you don’t want to go through. Just get with the times and let go of out of date clothes.

Out of date shoes must leave

Buying shoes is a costly way of living. If you are similar to me when it comes to shoes, asking this is also very hard. I have had well over 100 different pairs of shoes. I love shoes. I use to tell women who I dated that the key to my heart was a pair of new shoes. It was something about being able to wear a different pair of shoes every day was so appealing to me. The problem with this is more than half of those shoes is you never wear them. All those shoes do is take up space.

If you have space, I guess you can keep them, but let’s be honest with ourselves, are you still wearing those Nikes you bought five years ago to go with that outfit that you can’t even fit anymore. Also, we have favorite shoes. I had a pair of blue Foamposites that, for the most part, I would wear more than any shoe in my closet. They became worn out, and I used multiple ways to make them look brand new again. The problem with this method is, no matter how it looks on the inside, you can feel exactly how worn out the shoes are when you walk. Your feet will hurt more, and it has wear and tears effect on your knees and back. It reminds me of when I was in the Navy, and we would paint over everything instead of just fixing the foundation before painting. Every two days, we would have to put another coat on the wall because it would begin to show the hole and patches that we thought we could cover-up. That’s similar to keeping those old favorite shoes. Just let those shoes go and move on.

Certain clothes we have bought, but for some reason we never wear.

Remember that article of clothing that you bought for those special occasions. Or maybe you bought that article of clothing because you may have thought some shoes or hat matched that article of clothing. Still, once you got home, you realized it didn’t match, so you just put that article of clothing in your closet. Maybe you bought that big or small shirt from the store because it was only one left and you figured with the time you could fit into it. Let these clothes go because it is most likely you haven’t worn those items yet. If those items have been in your closet for more than a year get rid of them. Most likely you won’t wear them because we buy clothes regularly and eventually it will be an afterthought in your mind.

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The designer tee-shirt look.

Most men’s wardrobes are filled with this look. Who wants to walk around every day with a blank tee-shirt or a shirt with color and buttons. I also love the look and feel of a designer tee, but fellas some designer tee shirt need to get thrown out immediately. The designer tee shirts I’m talking about that must be thrown out immediately are the ones with words of a catchy phrase. You know the ones that look like a billboard sign. Those shirts were very cool about five years ago. Walking around with a paragraph or a dry humor phrase on your shirt nowadays is outdated. Get rid of those shirts. Find designer tees that have fewer words but can still be worn with today’s fashion. I wear these kinds of tees almost every day. Tee shirts have many different types of designs, whereas we don’t have to look for a phrase on your shirt to stand out. Let these types of shirts go in the trash.

These items, we as men need to get rid of as soon as possible out of our wardrobe. Unlike our female counterparts, men can’t just wear too many different styles and look attractive. So get rid of these items, and you will feel better about yourself, and so will the people you want to attract.

Do you agree? Let me know what kind of clothes you think men should get rid of. Leave a comment below!

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