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10 Types Of Sneakers Every Guy Needs In His Closet

10 Types Of Sneakers Every Guy Needs In His Closet

Good quality and affordable sneakers are a must, and every guy needs at least a few in his closet. Keep reading to find the 10 types of sneakers you need!

There are certain types of sneakers every guy needs in his closet. Some are to get the job done at the gym and some are just for the streets, but all are necessary. Keep reading to find the 10 types of shoes you definitely need!

1. Basketball

Even if you don’t play basketball, basketball sneakers are always good to have in your closet. Whether you’re on the court a few times a week or you’re usually only down for the occasional pickup game, a solid pair of basketball sneakers definitely won’t collect dust in your closet.

2. Running

Running sneakers are a great investment because not every sneaker is made for running. While you might think you can throw on just about anything, running without the right type of sneaker on could really hurt you in the long run.


3. All White

What looks fresher than all white sneakers? Nothing, that’s what. Grab a pair of these and treat them as your babies because you will not want to get a single mark on them.

4. Lifting

A good lifting sneaker is a must-have. There are plenty of options within a wide range of prices, too. A good lifting sneaker will improve your workout and support your back.

5. Canvas

What’s so great about canvas sneakers is that you can look fashionable while still feeling comfortable. They also transition really well from day to night, so you will always look great.


6. High Tops

While high top sneakers aren’t for everyone, they have always been a really fun look. You can play it safe with a black or white, or go for a bold look with a color like red. A fun way to kick up any outfit.

7. Slip-Ons

Slip-on sneakers are one of the best casual types of sneakers. You can throw them on with just about anything and look cool. What’s not to love?

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8. Low Top

What you might not know about low top sneakers is that some, like these Converse, double as great lifting shoes. So no matter what you’re planning on using them for, they are a reliable and affordable shoe.

9. Leather

The thing about leather sneakers is that they instantly make you look put-together. You will love owning these fashionable sneakers the second you realize how much the ladies love them, too.

10. Patterned Canvas

Why not get a little quirky with some patterned sneakers? If not for anything else, they are a great conversation piece, so definitely wear them to the bar if you are hard-pressed to find your opening line for the night.


What types of sneakers are your must-haves? Tell us in the comments below!
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