15 Last Minute Costume Ideas To Wear When You Work On Halloween Night

Usually I dress up on Halloween no matter where I am going that day. I would show up to class dressed up as either Supergirl or a Shadowhunter (from Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series) every year. But this year is the first year where I am working on Halloween. I can’t show up to my retail job in a full on S shirt, red skirt, boots, and cape and ring people out at a register. Or can I?

My boss posted some rules that are somewhat universal for anybody working on Halloween and wanted to show up to work in a costume:

(Ask your managers before hand in case they have different rules)

No masks.

Nothing gory.

Nothing overly sexualized/ nothing overly revealing.

Nothing offensive/racist/sexist/culturally appropriating/ etc.

No “fake costume” (meaning no coming in to the store in your regular clothes and claiming it’s your costume).

No uniforms of competitors.

(Depending on where you work) No capes.

If you can’t think of a work appropriate Halloween costume, here are 15 ideas that do not require much effort putting together.

(A huge thank you to my friend Michelle who modeled for me.)

1.Black Cat

This black cat costume is perfect for people who work at a retail job or work in an office. Just make sure the tail doesn’t get in the way of anything.

2.Witch (Regular)

This witch costume is perfect for if you work in an office or behind a register. Just make sure the cloak isn’t a fire hazard or able to snag onto something and become a choking hazard.

3.Bumble Bee

This cute costume is definitely the easiest one to put together. All you need is bee wings and your uniform, or a black and yellow outfit, and you are all set. Again make sure the wings won’t get in the way of your work. But other than that, you’d be all set.


This pumpkin costume is very quick to put together. Just make sure your hair is pulled back so the pumpkin stem hair clip stays in. I have many photos of the pumpkin clip lopsided and I had to be a lopsided pumpkin.

5.Witch (Classy)

This witch costume is more subtle, and for the people who do not want to lose their wand at work. The lacy gloves are finger less so it is easy to manage your paperwork or having to lift heavy boxes. Your hands might get sweaty, but you can always take the gloves off. But nothing about this costume should get in your way of doing your job.


Me modeling a Pikachu costume

This costume was one of my favorites to put together because one of my favorite Pokemon is Pikachu. Since I work behind a register and in a tight work space with cutters, copiers, laminators, and other equipment, the Pikachu tail would have been a fire and safety hazard. It also would have gotten in my other coworkers’ ways. However, if you work in an office and are not surrounded by equipment that the tail can get caught in, then go ahead and add the tail to the costume.

7.1950’s Americana

This is a popular costume. It is also a costume that you do not have to put much effort in. It also will not get in the way of your work day.

8.Court Jester/Joker

Photo edited

This costume is perfect for the office. There is nothing that could get in the way of your work. Don’t be surprised though to crack a few jokes for the office.

9.Witch (Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter)

This is a costume idea for the Harry Potter fans that have to work on Halloween night. This costume is both work appropriate and fun to wear. Coming from someone who always dressed up as the heroines on Halloween, dressing up as villains is more fun.

10.Fairy/Shakespeare character/Flower Queen

If you want to wear fairy wings, you can. Just as long as your boss/manager approves of it and it doesn’t get in the way of your work. Wings would be a fire hazard at my job, but it wouldn’t be in an office work setting. Just be careful of the flower crown. It gave me a headache after awhile.

11.Nurse/Doctor (Grey’s Anatomy)

See Also

As Derek Sheperd from Grey’s Anatomy would say, “It’s a beautiful day to save lives.” Now, if you work at a hospital, this would be a horrible costume. (Also, please do not impersonate doctors/nurses. That’s an actual crime.) However, if you work in retail like me, or work in an office, you can go as Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy.


This costume is perfect for an office setting or a retail setting. If you wanted to add a tail you can, as long as it doesn’t obstruct the work environment.

13.Hogwarts Student (Hufflepuff Harry Potter)

This is another costume for the Harry Potter fans out there, especially the Hufflepuff Harry Potter fans. If the bigger witch hat gets in the way while you are working, you can always use the smaller witch hat headband. You can also color coordinate to whatever House you are assigned to. For example, I am a Ravenclaw so I’d wear blue and black.

14.The Doctor (Matt Smith Doctor Who)

To all my Doctor Who fans, this is a fun costume you can wear to work. (Sorry we didn’t have the hat.) You can add the hat if you want. You can also dress up as any of your other favorite Doctors, like David Tennant or Jodie Whittaker. My favorite Doctors so far are David Tennant and Matt Smith.

15.Deatheater (Voldemort’s Follower Harry Potter)

Me modeling as a Deatheater

I saved the best costume for last. This costume is so much fun. It is more fun to dress up as a villain than anything else. Also, the cloak is amazing. It might be a fire hazard if it gets caught in one of the copy machines at work. However, it is perfect for an office setting.

Me modeling the back of the cloak

We used a temporary Deatheater tattoo that you put water on for it to stick.

You can find the plain color t-shirts at any clothing store. We got ours at Walmart. The cloak, the headbands, the lacy finger less gloves, and the tattoo were bought at Spirit Halloween. You can also find these similar items at any other store that sells Halloween costumes.

Be safe and have a Happy Halloween 🙂

Featured Image Source: www.pinterest.com
Jamie Haines

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