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10 Job Opportunities Around Kent

10 Job Opportunities Around Kent

Imagine you are grabbing Dunkin’ Donuts between classes. You just finished your 7:45 geology lab and have a much needed caffeine fix to get you through microeconomics and later, art history. You walk up to the counter and order a large iced coffee with a shot of caramel. You hear your stomach growl and remember you skipped breakfast. You decide to add a breakfast sandwich and a side of hash browns to your order. The cashier tells you your total and you hand her your credit card while scrolling through Twitter on your phone. She swipes the card and looks at the screen on the credit card reader. You look up, expecting her to hand you your card back. She swipes again and looks at the screen, before saying the five deadly words. “Your card has been declined.” You gasp in horror as three people wait impatiently in line behind you. Don’t let this happen to you. Here are ten job opportunities around Kent to keep your wallet filled with money for coffee and other essentials.

1. Rosie’s Diner and Market.

Rosie’s is open 24/7. This is perfect if you’re a night owl and don’t have classes early in the morning. Employees’ positions shift each day.  One day you could be checking out cashiers in the market, the next day, you could be scooping ice cream and spinning milkshakes. Other stations employees work at are fryer, flat top, where breakfast sandwiches, grilled cheese and steak and chicken sandwiches are made, wraps, specials, where milkshakes, omelettes and the daily lunch/dinner special are made and boiler where burgers and subs are made. Employees also work outside of the restaurant, such as in the back doing kitchen prep, upstairs in the rotunda, where they prepare Simply To Go items including fruit cups, sandwiches and salads, and in the store as cashiers and stockers.

2. Kent State Phone Center.

The Phone Center is located in the Center of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement, right across from Franklin and McGilvrey and a walk up from Starbucks. Student fundraisers contact Kent State alumni and the parents of alumni and current students to talk about their time or their child’s time at Kent State. Fundraisers also ask them to donate to one of the hundreds of scholarships Kent State offers. The phone center is open Monday through Thursday from 5:45-9 p.m. and on Sundays from 2-5 p.m. and 5:30-8:30 p.m. At the end of the semester, fundraisers earn a bonus for completing their work hours and writing a paragraph about how working at the phone center can help them with one of their classes. They must earn a C or better in the class and be caught up on their required hours each month to earn a bonus.


3. Insomnia Cookies.

Earn more dough with a position at Insomnia Cookies. Insomnia Cookies is looking for bakers, delivery drivers and shift leaders. This job is perfect if you’re friendly and prefers the smell of fresh baked cookies to french fry grease.

4. Security Aide Program.

Security aides are the people with bright yellow shirts and hoodies, who walk around the residence halls at night. They also escort students who don’t feel comfortable walking alone on campus at night. The office of Safety and Security is located inside Tri-Towers Rotunda. To apply, send an email containing a resume and a letter of interest to Director Brian Hellwig.

5. Resident Services.

Being a resident assistant comes with big responsibility. Resident assistants are in charge of ensuring their residences have a safe and fun year, by going over residence hall policies such as quiet hours and items permissible and not permissible in rooms. They also hosts events and activities to engage residents on their floor and hold office hours in their room for residents who are having issues with a roommate or need someone to talk to about adjusting to college. Resident assistants receive a basic meal plan and a standard room fee waiver. Candidates must register for the Peer Leadership Training Course on Flashline for the spring semester and have completed at least 30 credit hours prior to the semester of hiring.

6. Campus Pointe.

Campus Pointe is looking for a community assistant. This is similar to being a RA. The primary duty of a community assistant is to provide services to residents and make sure they have a quality living experience. Community assistants must be able to meet specific sales goals weekly and monthly in leases and renewals. Community assistants also plan events and activities for residences and are expected to maintain communication with residents, parents and the university.

7. Chipotle.

Learn to roll the perfect burrito and discover Chipotle’s guacamole recipe by becoming a team member. Chipotle does not have multiple job titles for entry-level employees. Crew members play the role of dishwasher, cashier, server, host, bartender, cook, food prep, etc. This may seem overwhelming but no previous experience in food service is required to apply. The ideal candidate will be able to exhibit a cheerful and helpful attitude and work toward understanding and articulating “Food with Integrity.”

8. FedEx Office.

If you’re a fashion or Visual Communication Design student, you probably been to FedEx at least once to print out a photo for a project. FedEx is seeking a retail customer associate. Employees will gain knowledge in all areas of FedEx’s business, including printing, signs and graphics and shipping.


9. Quaker Steak and Lube.

Quaker Steak is one of the most popular places to eat on campus. Known for its famous wings, hand squeezed lemonade and being the only bar on campus, every evening at Quaker is filled with customers. Friday is the busiest time. Every Friday, the Center for Student Involvement hosts karaoke from 7-10 p.m. Guests who are brave enough are welcome to jump on stage and belt out their favorite songs. Others can enjoy the music and receive Flashperks. Quaker is offering positions as kitchen staff and server. When applying, applicants must include their spring 2017 availability in their cover letter.

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10. Child Development Center.

Do you like working with children? The Child Development Center located on 775 Loop Road near College Towers, is looking for teaching assistants to work in the classroom with children between the ages of 18 months and 5-years-old. The center is interviewing students with availability on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between noon and 3 p.m. Teaching assistants must be enrolled in a degree program related to education, early childhood development, psychology and speech pathology. Applicants will not be accepted from unrelated majors.

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