15 Famous Kent State Alumni

Kent State is a great school for people with big dreams, considering the many alumni that we all know and love today. Not all schools are as lucky to have had such great people roam their campus during such an important chapter in their life. Here are 15 famous Kent State Alumni, many of whom I think you’ll recognize.

1. Drew Carey

“Come on down!” is what you’ve probably heard him say countless times, while watching “The Price is Right” for the past ten years. Yes, the host of one of the most popular TV game shows made his mark on the KSU campus years ago. Some people may also recognize him from “Whose Line Is It Anyway”, which was on ABC Family for nine years!

2. Jeff Richmond

While you may have no idea who this guy is, and don’t recognize him at all, you do recognize his wife! Yes, this lucky man is married to the hilarious Tina Fey. They met when he produced the popular comedy show “30 Rock.” He also produced “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and “Sisters,” along with composing for the almost ten-year-old movie “Baby Mama!”

3. Michael Keaton

Now not knowing Jeff Richmond I understand, but if you don’t recognize Michael Keaton, we have a serious issue here. The Oscar winner has been in so many popular movies over the years, including “Beetlejuice,” “Batman,” “Spotlight,” “Birdman” and “Jack Frost”, just to name a few. Lets just say he’s one of the most successful alums that we know and love today. He may be a dropout, but we love him anyway.

4. Steve Harvey

Ah yes, the infamous Miss Universe mix-up of 2015 all relates back to the famous comedian that once claimed KSU as his stomping grounds. We all know and love him for his huge, bright smile that could literally light up a room, along with his priceless facial expressions on “Family Feud.” You can’t watch that show without laughing at his reactions to the contestants’ responses. It’s pretty crazy to think about him once being where we walk every day.

5. Arsenio Hall

Class of 1977 graduate, Arsenio Hall, is a comedian and late-night talk show host of “The Arsenio Hall Show” that aired back in the day. He also co-starred in a movie with Eddie Murphy, “Coming to America,” which is played on Freeform all the time. So if you ever want a good laugh, check it out! He was also the proud winner of the “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2013. Kent clearly leads to big accomplishments people!

6. Chrissie Hynde

For all of you rockers out there, this name might sound familiar. This talented musician is a founding member of The Pretenders. She’s gone from singer-songwriter to guitarist and is the only member of the band who stuck with it through all of its history. The Pretenders were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005.

7. James Harrison

So I’m not a big sports girl, but I am from Pittsburgh, and it would be a sin if I didn’t mention the current linebacker for the Steelers. Yes, he sadly left the Steelers and went off in his own direction to retire, but something about the black and gold, drew him back from retirement and gave him a reason to return to the team we Pittsburghers know and love.

8. Jeff Timmons

He’s no Nick Lachey, but he is an important member of the well-known pop music group, 98 Degrees. They ranked on the Billboard charts multiple times and went on a world tour that ended in 2002. Although he didn’t end up actually graduating from this lovely University, I can’t say I blame him. I’m sure he’s not disappointed in his choice to ditch the college scene and move to Los Angeles.

9. Dav Pilkey

This wonderful man blessed us and our childhoods with the “Captain Underpants” children’s book series, and soon-to-be animated movie. And for that, we thank him and his talents that blossomed on Kent’s campus.

10. John Caparulo

A lot of you might not know who this comedian is, and if I didn’t watch “Chelsea Lately” as an innocent middle schooler, when I shouldn’t have, I wouldn’t know who he was either. This stand-up comedian graduated from Kent in 1998 and continues to tour, even though his time on the E! Network has come to an end, after the cancellation of Chelsea Handler’s late night talk show.

11. Steve Byrne

A Pittsburgh native AND a Kent State graduate, it’s impossible for me not to like this guy! Steve Byrne is a stand-up comedian and actor, most known for his role in the comedy series “Sullivan and Son,” which was on from 2012 until 2014. As it turns out, majoring in theater at KSU can land you a pretty successful comedic career!

12. Dri Archer

Although this athlete received track offers from Clemson and Arkansas, Kent was the only school to offer him a football scholarship, and in my opinion, he definitely made the right choice. His first team, after the glory days of college, was…. wait for it…. the Pittsburgh Steelers. Another alum that gained more of my respect for that reason alone! Maybe being from Pittsburgh and going to Kent is a pretty good combination. His career as a Steeler didn’t last too long, and he is now currently playing as a Buffalo Bill (cue the eye roll).

13. Josh Cribbs

Yes, another famous football player came out of this school. He moved onto bigger and better things after college and became the wide receiver and return specialist for the Cleveland Browns!

14. Carol Costello

This lovely lady is a news anchor, who earned a degree in journalism! She made it to the big screen as a CNN broadcaster and reported the events of 9/11, the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama’s inauguration, and the Casey Anthony trial, just to name a few.

15. Ben Curtis

This man is a professional golfer who was part of the extremely popular PGA tour. Yep, another athlete. Curtis is best known for winning the 2003 Open Championship. During his time here at Kent State, he earned a degree in recreation management in 2000.

If that list of extremely successful alumni from Kent State University doesn’t convince you that you’re at the right school, then I don’t know what will. The wide variety of people that have come out of this incredible University proves that Kent prepares its students for all types of careers, and pushes them to be successful in what they’re passionate about. So thank you Kent State for helping to teach such amazing and well-known people. It truly does make me, and hopefully others, feel like I’m on the right path.

Those are 15 famous Kent State Alumni. Did I miss anyone? Share in the comments!
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