10 Things Every Kent State Student Asks Themselves

From debating whether or not to get pizza from Howies, or if today is the right weather for snow boots or shorts, here are 10 things every Kent State student asks themselves.

1. Should I go to the gym or take a nap?

2. Should I order pizza from Howies?

3. Should I study for this test or just wing it?

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Kent State University student asks

4. How do I still have this much money on my meal plan?

5. Why is PARTA so confusing? I just want Chipotle and don’t feel like walking.

6. Should I Tapingo this?

7. How was it 80 degrees yesterday and 30 today?

8. “Ashtabula Campus – Closed today” – Is this a joke, why doe Kent Main never close???

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9. Can I try to feed a squirrel a fry or is that too weird?

10. Why is there constant construction here? Does it ever end?

What else would a Kent State student asks themselves? Let us know in the comments below!
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