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10 Inspiring Ways That We Can All Connect To Music

10 Inspiring Ways That We Can All Connect To Music

10 Inspiring Ways That We Can All Connect To Music

Music is an art form that brings people together in an indescribable way. In turn, many of us can relate to it, but that doesn’t go to say that everyone doesn’t do so differently. For genre, song, and mood play a huge part in how the person reacts – whether it be joy, laughter, or tears. That’s why we compiled these 10 inspiring ways that we can all connect to music – no matter whether we’re by ourselves or in the company of others.

1. We Look To Music When We’re With Others. 

No matter whether you’re with that one special person – or a number of close friends – there is no better way to connect to music. In fact, being in the company of others, while you’re listening to your favorite song, allows you to share a piece of yourself with them; after all, no one can relate to a certain set of lyrics like you can because we’re all so different.

2. We Look To Music When We Need To Feel Encouragement. 

We’ve all had those days where we wake up feeling not-so-great, yet can’t seem to pinpoint why that is; maybe we made the mistake of going to bed while we still had a lot on our mind, or maybe it’s for a different reason entirely. Either way, music offers encouragement, as we crank up our favorite song, and focus on what’s being said – in combination with the instrumental; it’s only then that we begin to feel much lighter.

3. We Look To Music When We Need A Boost Of Energy. 

Your alarm goes off, and even though your hand moves in the direction of the snooze button, you can’t help but to wait a couple seconds longer – if that means getting to listen to your favorite song.  fortunately, this beats a standard old ringtone any day, and can be just the boost you need to get your morning started; in turn, why not stay motivated by a song that actually makes you want to get out of bed instead of something that’s preset.

10 Inspiring Ways That We Can All Connect To Music

4. We Look To Music To Express What We’re Feeling. 

Maybe you aren’t good at speaking verbally – or just can’t muster up the right thing to say to someone you love; this is where music comes in handy as it expresses all that you wish you could say – but can’t necessarily put into words. Not only that, but you might cherish a particular song with that person; in turn, whenever you hear each verse, it could take you back to a pleasurable moment/memory.

5. We Look To Music For Release From What We’re Feeling. 

Maybe there was an unexpected death in your family, divorce, or even a recent breakup that you yourself may have faced; in turn, you’re trying to hold it together, but behind closed doors you know the healthiest thing to do is cry it out. Release, don’t repress; this is what music allows you to do as it brings hope to the reality of your situation.

6. We Look To Music When We’re Anxious About Something. 

You begin to feel overwhelmed by your thoughts – and all the tasks you have yet to do – so you look for a way to silence them, if only for a moment, through music. In doing so, you feel a sense of relief as you focus on the background beat. As a result, it takes you to a place of rest; here, you’re no longer focused on worry, but can truly be at peace.

10 Inspiring Ways That We Can All Connect To Music

7. We Look To Music When We’re Happy.  

Smiling – or being happy in general – is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself; fortunately, music gives us this opportunity. That’s probably why the song Happy by Pharrell Williams was such a hit for a majority of the world; in turn, this brings us to the conclusion that people don’t just want music that makes them feel good, they also want something with a good message. After all, what is a good beat, if the lyrics aren’t just as meaningful?

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8. We Look To Music When We Need A Laugh.

Sometimes we even go as far as listening to a funny song when we need to laugh; Afterall, it’s one thing to cry, but to dwell in it is a whole nother story. That’s why it’s so important to make light of a disappointing situation to release the heavy load; music allows us to do that so that we aren’t overwhelmed by the sadness we might feel. In fact, some might even listen to a song that has a satirical twist on it to make light of a certain event that is taking place in the world around them.

9. We Look To Music When We’re Outside. 

There is nothing more uplifting than when you find yourself on a morning walk – or run – and can listen to music that encourages you while watching the sun come up. It serves you a deep dish on life – by giving you a new perspective on things in a different light. By the last lap, you can’t help but be glad that you took the time to combine nature and music into one sitting.

10 Inspiring Ways That We Can All Connect To Music

10. We Look To Music When We Need Time Alone. 

Sometimes we need to take a moment in order to be alone – and to self-reflect. In doing so, we may resort to music when pondering on a certain situation; in fact, a particular song even has the potential of providing us with some food for thought. Fortunately, self-reflection is healthy if we look at ourselves our own view – or a decision/choice we may have made – and try to understand it from all angles. 

We hope that these 10 inspiring ways that we can connect to music help you to get out of your comfort zone – and take a risk in sharing your playlist with others. In doing so, you never know the positive way that you might be influencing that person. Don’t forget to share – and let us know what you think – in the comments below!

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