10 Reasons Why Poetry Is A Love Language

When an act of love comes to mind, most think of one selfless act towards another; but poetry does just the same – by coming in the form of a love language – and focusing on a series of aspects such as “affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch.” That’s why we compiled these 10 reasons why poetry is a love language – for all who can relate to its beauty. 

1. It Speaks To The Heart. 

Poetry is meant to bring people together, and pull on the heartstrings of all who dare to read it. In other words, it seeks out an emotional response in its audience; in turn, no matter the topic of the poem – or the type – it still succeeds in drawing out love; when it speaks to the heart it’s unforgettable, and easily retained by all who care to listen. Fortunately, this is what makes poetry a love language above all else because it focuses on you as a person; it doesn’t just want to touch some of you, but all of you.

2. It Speaks To You In A Personal Way. 

Each stanza holds something near and dear – that’s fit for only you; no one else can relate to it in the way that you can, but through it, you begin to gain a sense of self-love. In turn, someone else could interpret that stanza in a completely different way than you, but either way the both of you still gain affirmation from the piece itself. That’s why it’s so important to make note of how your own poetry speaks to you – as well as the work of others – to keep as a reminder to yourself of all that you can accomplish.


3. It Goes In-Depth. 

When you give time to poetry – and go into its deepest depths – you begin to discover something new. In doing so, you begin to not only admire the piece but yourself as well as you look at the content through a reflective lens – and see bits and pieces of yourself that you might not have noticed before. In other words, poetry goes into depth and will take you all the way down to your roots – forcing you to take a look at certain issues that have been covered for so long, hidden from view.

10 Reasons Why Poetry Is A Love Language

4. It’s Considerate Of Your Thoughts. 

It’s not just surface level but goes beneath that; in turn, poetry is one art form that doesn’t just skip over all that’s going through your head but dives into your thoughts instead. In other words, it cares about what you think and how you feel; as a result, the more time you give, the more appreciation you begin to gain. 


5. Its Format Carries Feeling. 

How a poem is formatted goes a long way in evoking a particular feeling in its audience; one example of this can be seen with how many spaces are implemented between each word, each line, and so on. In turn, love is shown through action – which is seen through poetry – as the format of a certain work is active and alive, jumping off the page.

6. It Enables Many To Connect. 

Poetry doesn’t just touch your heart, but the hearts of others; that’s why it enables a diverse amount of people to come together – and connect – in several ways. This can include one stanza, one poem as a whole, format, theme, and several other components. In other words, this allows you to express yourself to others.

10 Reasons Why Poetry Is A Love Language


7. It Brings About Healing. 

Out of all the things love should do, shouldn’t it bring about healing? Spending time with poetry allows just that by offering you comfort during the times when you need it the most; in fact, there is a poem for anything and everything – which gives you a wide array of pieces to choose from. But above all else, certain ones might have just the message that the deepest parts of you need to hear in order to work on piecing yourself back together again.

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8. It Gives You Comfort. 

You read a certain piece and no matter how many times you do, you still find yourself feeling a chill down your spine, or a small series of goosebumps on your arms; in other words, that’s just how good the material to the point where it begins to bring you a sense of comfort as you read. Maybe the poem shows you how to stay empowered following a breakup – or carries a different message entirely – either way it’s out to do the same thing every time as it establishes peace.


9. It Expresses It’s Beauty To You. 

Love is beautiful, and so is poetry; in turn, when you pair the two together you’ll find yourself in a place you’d never expected. In fact, each stanza will draw something out of you – because you don’t just love poetry, it loves you back. In other words, it’s not a one-sided relationship; for every syllable draws light on a situation that you’re going through in real life. This is even true for the pieces that we’ve never experienced ourselves, yet still relate to on a different level – because of how we perceive it personally.

10 Reasons Why Poetry Is A Love Language

10. It Requires Time. 

Not all poetry is straight forward – or accessible – in the sense that it’s not always easy to read/understand; in turn, it takes time and effort to comprehend a work that you really wish to gain a deeper insight on. After all, learning doesn’t always just happen overnight – and just as you’d take the time to learn the details of someone you love – you’d want to do the same with poetry. 


Poetry is a beautiful love language that so many of us take for granted – and even overlook – because we refuse to put in the work to uncover the underlying meaning, but it’s all in the details, and the personal satisfaction we’ll begin to feel within our hearts is more rewarding than all else. In turn, we hope that you can relate to these 10 reasons why poetry is a love language. Don’t forget to share – and let us know what you think – in the comments below! 

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