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How To Plan A Spring Break Trip Even If You’re Not In College Anymore

How To Plan A Spring Break Trip Even If You’re Not In College Anymore

Spring break is the time where you get to be wild and stupid with people who are within the same age as you! Even if you are a couple year out of college, you could still have fun, just not with the college kids. You can relax and have the time of your life doing what you want to do with friends this spring break!

1. Get A Group Of Friends Together

Friends are what makes spring break the best break during school! This break is all about who you have around you. You don’t want to bring that friend that swears they’re fun but ends up being the party pooper of the trip! You want a group that will be your ride or die during this vacation. Unlike other vacation relaxing is put on the back burner!

This break is full of 10AM mimosa’s and 2PM shots on a balcony overlooking a beautiful ocean of your choice! You’ll be having the time of your life with friends that want to do the same stuff as you and love it! You may have some of the best moments all year during this trip because you haven’t gotten out since your senior year spring break trip!

You’ll thank yourself for pulling off the greatest trip ever with friends you will always have by yourself. Although you don’t want to pick the wrong people to come with you, there is also a chance that something may go wrong because spring break wouldn’t be remembered without it!

How To Plan A Spring Break Trip Even If You’re Not In College Anymore

2. Keep It Small

The picking of friends is the most crucial part of the planning. You don’t want people who are too against doing bad things, but you don’t want people who are all for whatever happens because those people either become boring or go to jail. You need no more than five people, including yourself, and pick the ones you know will be by your side the whole time.

They won’t wonder or find themselves somewhere they can’t recognize. You need people who are willing to be crazy but not too much where you may need to go home as soon as possible because you need something you were not supposed to! Although people who are like that are fun, they tend to only think about themselves and not the group so it tends to become a free-for-all!

Bring the people are are chill, but like having a good time, these people are the ones who will agree, as a group, to do something crazy, but it won’t be too crazy. With these people, you’ll have a great spring break trip without the “what happened” nonsense the day after!

3. Don’t Spend To Much 

You may be temped to spend more than you should while on your spring break trip and that is total normal! The key is to bring less money to you will be unable to buy useless things. We all know that shot glass with the funny saying on it is a great gift for someone who couldn’t make it, but is $12 for it cheap? Chances are you know that it’s too expensive, but you want it anyway! Don’t put yourself in that position!

Whether spending is on the trip in general or on little things while on the trip, there are many ways to save money this spring break. If you are looking at places to go for spring break, but don’t want to spend an arm and leg on plane fare you should look for places that a lot of people are not going and see what you can come up with. You can figure out a nice place that no one has thought about if you think outside of the box! 

With plane fare and lodging becoming more expensive as years go on, there is many ways to eat for less and still do everything you want to do during your spring break trip!

How To Plan A Spring Break Trip Even If You’re Not In College Anymore

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4. Have A Backup 

We know things might not go the way they were planned! It’s not your fault! Things happen and there is no way to know. Always be able to have a back up if your big trip ends up a bust! It doesn’t matter that it isn’t as great or spring breaker-ish.

You will be happy you had a back up when one person drops out of the trip and you needed them to get the discount because, chances are, they second choice was probably cheaper than your first pick! This means you’ll have more money to spend on the things you shouldn’t buy in the first place because they are too expensive!

Having a backup may make every upset that they couldn’t do what they all wanted but when they find out how much money you might be saving, they will thank you for having the backup instead of calling the whole thing off! If you are planning to go anywhere of a big break that everyone has, your best option is to have a back up because flights do fill up and it’s not fun to have your friends on separate planes!

5. Choose A Place That Won’t Be Crowded

You won’t want to be at a place where there is going to be too many college kids who have just stepped into the world as a college student and they want everyone to know it. You want the place that has a great happy hour bar in the pool while you can hear the music of spring breakers in the distance. The goal is to be close, but not too close where you won’t be able to walk without bodies rubbing up against you.

Your spring break trip should be relaxing enough but you could still go out and have a good time if you want! Picking a place you know there will be a lot of people won’t be good for the relaxation part of your trip, unless you won’t to be all sandy and sweaty up against people who are 5 years younger than you!

How To Plan A Spring Break Trip Even If You’re Not In College Anymore

Are you planning on going somewhere for a spring break trip? Tell us where in the comments below!
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