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How To Eat Healthy When You’re Traveling

How To Eat Healthy When You’re Traveling

Eating healthy is already difficult enough as it, but don’t even get me started about how challenging it is to try to eat your fruits and veggies when you are traveling. Regardless of whether or not it’s a small road trip or a long journey across the world, eating healthy during your travels can feel almost impossible. Along with seeing new sights and exploring new places, trying new and delicious foods is an essential experience for any trip. Not only is it a fun and exciting time, but it is also wildly more convenient than shopping for groceries. However, if you are truly trying to stay in shape during your travels this year, here are some tips on how to eat healthily while not feeling like you are missing out!

Drink Water

I cannot stress this enough. Drink. Water! It sounds simple enough, but when you are busy traveling across the country or flying on a plane, the last thing you want is to stop the car or inconvenience those seated around you by getting up to go to the bathroom every twenty minutes. But trust me, you will need all the hydration you can get while traveling. By drinking water, you’re helping your body flush out toxins from your system that will benefit your body in all the right ways. So grab a water bottle and start sipping!

How To Eat Healthy When You're Traveling

Limit Your Alcohol

I know for me personally, I love to indulge and enjoy some alcoholic drinks when I’m on vacation. Why? Because it’s a vacation! We all deserve to treat ourselves but trust me when I say, drinking too much over the course of your travels will not end well. Not only will all that extra sugar cause your body to bloat but the lack of sleep you will get due to drinking too much will not be good for you either. Don’t be afraid to have a drink now and then, but make sure to follow it up with lots of water and nutrient-rich foods.


How To Eat Healthy When You’re Traveling

Pack Some Snacks

Another tip on how to eat healthy when traveling is to pack a lot more snacks. Pack even more than you think you should. Grab those protein bars, some apples, and even a couple of celery sticks. Packing and planning your snacks beforehand will help you avoid grabbing the first thing at any fast food restaurant you can find to satisfy your hunger while on the road. Not only will packing snacks beforehand help you keep you on the right track health-wise, but it will also save you a good bit of cash as an added bonus.

Eat Breakfast!

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it can be difficult to actually sit down and have a decent meal at such an early hour. Even if you are never hungry in the morning and tend to skip breakfast, don’t. There is a reason that breakfast is so essential when it comes to healthy eating. “Eating breakfast breaks up the overnight fasting period replenishes your supply of glucose, and provides other essential nutrients to keep your energy levels up throughout the day” ( states). Additionally, eating a balanced and nutrient-rich breakfast prevents you from being starving by noon and looking for a quick fix for that hunger from fast food.


How To Eat Healthy When You’re Traveling

Eat Your Vegetables

We all know that half the fun of traveling is eating out and exploring new restaurants, so it’s important to note that you can still remain health-conscious while doing so. It’s as simple as choosing to order some form of a vegetable side dish with your main meal. You can either swap out the side of fries for some green beans or simply have two sides! Also, try not to think of healthy eating as a chore. There are bound to be plenty of delicious vegetable portions and meals with every dish you will come across. Vegetables are a great source of protein and will give you that extra energy necessary for your travels!


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How To Eat Healthy When You’re Traveling

If You Can Cook Your Meals, Do It

While it may sound a little odd to cook during your travels, if you happen to have booked a hotel room with a kitchenette or a hotel that has a kitchen in general, take advantage of this amenity and buy some groceries and go to town. When it comes to healthy eating, cooking your own meal will always be the better alternative to take-out as you can plan exactly what meal you want as well as what ingredients you want to use.  Additionally, this can be a fun activity for you and whoever else you are traveling with!

Plan Ahead

If you know you will be going to a certain restaurant that night, plan out what type of nutritious meal you want ahead of time. If you want to go above and beyond, and you know exactly where your travel location will be, carefully plan and select the restaurants that have healthy options that you might want to try. That way, if you are stumped on what to eat a certain day of your vacation, you’ll know exactly where to go and just what meals to order.

Along with planning what healthier restaurants you should try, you can also scope out the nearby gyms, hiking trails, and activities that will allow you to burn a few extra calories in a fun and exciting way. However, try not to view this type of advanced scheduling as a chore. While it’s a good idea to plan ahead, don’t feel pressured to revolve your vacation or business trip travels around your eating or exercise habits. Enjoy yourself! Traveling is a time to have fun, relax, and experience new places. Just remember these simple tips, as it is possible to remain healthy during your excursions.

How To Eat Healthy When You're Traveling

What did you think of these tips on how to eat healthy when traveling? Do you already have your own system of healthy eating? Let us know in the comments below!

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