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How To Copy Kaia Gerber’s Street Style

How To Copy Kaia Gerber’s Street Style

Kaia Gerber is nearly a goddess walking among men, and with a supermodel for a mom it’s no wonder she has some of the best street style of some of her peers. Kaia has a few staples when it comes to her wardrobe and her styling choices and I am here to outline the for you. Here is the guide on how to copy Kaia Gerber’s street style!

1. The Trench Coats

Even though Miss Gerber is on sunshine-y LA she definitely shows her international influence with the handle she has on her trench coat style! Almost every time she steps out in New York or Paris she’s sporting a timelessly classic trench coat that feels reminiscent of her mother’s heyday.

Kaia stepping out in a light brown trench coat.

Copy This Look:

Trench coat from ASOS

2. Ditch The Skinny Jeans

Kaia has almost never been seen wearing skinny fit jeans when she’s out and about, be that in London or in Los Angeles. When it comes to imitating Kaia Gerber’s street style it is essential to choose a pair of straight leg or flared jeans that cut right before the ankle.

Kaia makes it look effortless by pairing the jeans with some of her iconic footwear that we will be talking about next.

Kaia in straight leg jeans and platform Docs

Copy This Look:

Missguided Straight Leg Jeans from ASOS

3. Go-To Converse

When it comes to Kaia Gerber’s street style, the footwear is one of the most important aspects. The young model seems to have a few staples when it comes to the shoes she decides to sport on the typical day. The first of her iconic footwear are canvas sneakers, and more likely than not, they are converse. 

These shoes fit the comfortable and relaxed, slightly grunge vibe that rules Kaia’s style and it’s honestly a little enviable all of the ways she has managed to work these sneakers into her daily outfits.

Kaia Sporting her trusty converse on her Instagram

Copy This Look:

White High Top Converse

4. The Platform Dr. Martens


The second of the iconic shoes that dominate Kaia Gerber’s street style are her black platform Dr. Martens. Dr. Martens have been a fashion staple for so many people since they first started their rounds and though they’re popularity in mainstream culture ebbs and flows they always have a spot in so many sub-cultures.

These Dr. Martens heighten the levels of grunge inspired vibes that seem to rule Kaia Gerber’s street style. She doesn’t even stop at pairing them with jeans like so many of us would.

Proving just how much of a style icon she is and will continue to be, Kaia Gerber pairs her platform boots with anything from those straight leg jeans I mentioned earlier, to dainty sundresses. Her ability to pull it all off so effortlessly is a testament to her confidence. 

Kaia in a blue dress and platform Dr. Martens

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Copy This Look:

Black Platform Dr. Martens Boots

5. Menswear Inspired Jackets

This second to last wardrobe staple is an important one that I’ve seen come up in so many of Kaia Gerber’s greatest street style outfits. Wearing menswear inspired jackets adds a level of masculinity and professionalism to her style which is, otherwise, pretty casual. These looks can range from structured blazer dresses to simple suit jackets, either way, Kaia makes it work!

Kaia in a menswear inspired blazer

Copy This Look:

ASOS Black Boyfriend Blazer

6. Use Contrasting In Your Outfits

This last aspect of Kaia Gerber’s street style might just be the most important. At the essence of Kaia Gerber’s street style is her ability to have starkly contrasting elements in her outfits that she just makes work together. From platform Dr. Martens and teensy dresses to trench coats with short-shorts, miss Gerber uses her confidence in a way that makes all of her outfits shine.

Kaia in platform docs with a summer wrap dress

Copy This Look:

Red and White min wrap dress from asos

Kaia Gerber’s street style is truly iconic and I can’t wait to imitate it for the rest of my life. Which model’s street style do you perfer?

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