Create Your Own Pair Of Studded Jeans

Have you been wondering where everyone is getting their distressed & studded jeans from? You can either spend a fortune with a designer brand or go back to the basics and start with a simple pair of jean to make these studded cuffed jeans.

Stud up your Jeans!

Find any color studs at your local arts & crafts store, and jeans can be purchased from stores like Forever 21, Desigual, Express, or Levi’s. Find many more brands that offer a student discount at

wear studded jeans

DIY: Studding your Levi’s 

1. Grab a stud. With the bottom of your jeans cuffed as high as you want them, place the stud near to the cuffed material and push it so the prongs go through to the other side of the fabric. Be careful not go all the way through the jeans, just enough to secure the cuff. With your jewelry pliers, fold down each prong of the stud. Run your finger over the back to check for any pieces that may be sticking out, flatten any problems.

Forever 21
Forever 21

2. Repeat this process with the pattern of your choice. Do the same on the other cuff.

Forever 21
Forever 21

You can do these cool studded add-ons on any denim item you wish, such as denim jackets, skirts, and even bags. Don’t forget to check out discounts on!

Did you make your own pair of studded jeans? Tell us in the comments below!
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