10 Fashion Trends To Follow This Fall

As the summer comes to an epic end, now it’s time to gear up for the fall season! So here are the top fashion trends to look for this season!

1. Statement Fur

As the temperature starts to drop as months progress, having a warm fur—real or faux—is a hot trend this fall! Of course the lavish furs are very expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find one from a cheaper retailer and look just as good!

fur coats are the perfect fall fashion item!  

2. Off The Shoulder Tops

Baring your shoulders are a fashion trend that is popping back up this season and you can channel this 70s look in either a dress or blouse!

off the shoulder tops are the perfect fall fashion item!  

3. Neutrals

The color to wear this fall is tan! This neutral hue looks good on any skin complexion and adds brightness to the dark colors that are often associated with fall.

neutral pieces are the perfect fall fashion items!   

4. Pantsuits

The popularity of the pantsuit comes in and out every few years, but it’s one of those fashion trends that will always be in style! Anyone can make a pantsuit look sexy, so make it happen this fall!

Pantsuits are the perfect fall fashion item!  

5. Fall Florals

This 90s trend is making its way into 2016! Chose darker hues so you don’t end up looking to summery.

Floral dresses are the perfect fall fashion item!  

6. Dainty Chokers

Another of the 90s fashion trends making its way into the new generation, chokers came around earlier this year, but they’re still hanging around! Chokers go great with a simple blouse or a cute dress, so you can easily dress it up or down!

Dainty chokers are the perfect fall fashion item!  

7. Flared Jeans

When I was in middle school and the beginning of high school, flare jeans were all the rage! Now this trend is coming back with a more 70s bell bottom vibe.

Flared Jeans are the perfect fall fashion item!  

8. Suede Coats

This coat with the soft material is a hot trend and will most definitely keep you warm in the colder months (great to hold on to through winter)!

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Suede coats are the perfect fall fashion item!  

9. Trench Coats

One of the most classic of this season’s fashion trends, the trench coat is in high demand. This timeless piece can make your outfit go from average to fabulous!

Trench coats are the perfect fall fashion item!   

10. Open Toe (Or Heel) Booties

This is a happy medium in the fall because it’s not too cold to cover your entire foot but you can still show off your fresh pedicure!

Open toe booties are the perfect fall fashion item!   


Which one of these fall fashion trends is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Featured image source: sazan.me
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