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This Pad Underwear Will Give You A Bigger Booty

This Pad Underwear Will Give You A Bigger Booty

Padded panties are a thing. Padded underwear is taking the booty industry by storm. Everyone's in search of pad underwear. Read about butt padded underwear!

I’m sure you’ve all noticed, but lately the Internet has been obsessing over butts. Not sure if the fad stemmed from the Kardashians. Nicki Minaj or from Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” but info on this trademark is extensive beyond belief. It seems like Beyonce, JLo and the Kardashians have made the booty a serious selling point. We’ve been told if we do our squats we will end up bodacious like Jen Selter, Instagram fitness celeb known for her backside. Lip injections are a thing of the past; plastic surgeons now do butt injections. Have to say that’s a bit intense, but to each their own. While plastic surgery and squats are always options, for those of you looking for something a bit more temporary, the fashion industry has now created pad underwear.

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Pad Underwear

Yes, padded underwear is now a thing and as ridiculous as it sounds, there are people making the purchase. For someone with absolutely zero ass, this could be a viable option if you’re looking to achieve a bigger booty. It’s been said if you really want a bigger butt wearing pad underwear can boost your self-confidence, not just body image. Not to mention you can experiment with the look without having to dabble in surgical enhancements. In fact, you’ve actually spotted one very well-known Kardashian rocking the padded spanx – Kylie Jenner. People have become rather hooked on purchasing underwear with butt pads and have noted it looks as natural as it can get.


Kylie Jenner Spanx

Like all things in life, everything comes with a downside. The downside to wearing pad underwear is it’s not real. If you are looking for something that legitimately moves and feels like a real booty, you’re out of luck. That may not seem like such a terrible thing to some of you curious about trying the product, and if that’s the case, give it a go. Another downside? It’s not permanent. You’ll have to take these on and off, day-in and day-out. I will say though, I have heard some pretty epic stories of women being patted down at clubs and being absolutely mortified when women guards ask what you’re stashing in your pants.

Since this is a product in such a highly demanded market, there are several different types of pad underwear purchases you can make. Bubbles Bodywear has options ranging from removable, hip, build-in and sticky buns padding. Not entirely sure what sticky buns entails but my take away is that they are stand-alone silicone booty pads. Not sure I want adhesive stick—go pieces of plastic on my ass; very well might have to challenge the comfort level on that one.

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Overall? Pros: temporary, affordable, makes sitting in a chair all day more comfortable and looks natural. Cons: doesn’t feel like a bodacious booty, isn’t permanent and might make you feel a bit more self-conscious if pat down by a bouncer.


Here’s where you can get a pair!

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