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How To Be Organised For The Uni Year Ahead And Avoid That Last Minute Cram

How To Be Organised For The Uni Year Ahead And Avoid That Last Minute Cram

Uni students we’ve all been there before, not organised with upcoming assignments even though you’ve had all the time in the world. So yet once again you’re up at 4am pulling that one nighter, before next days submission. As a past uni student here is my top tips to avoid that last minute cram!

1. Check Your Assignments At The Beginning Of The Semester

Now the key to being organised is to prepare early for whats needed to be done right? So to start off the year on a good note check the overview of your semester and have a look at the assignments you’re required to do. Also, don’t just look at the assignments, but really go into detail with criteria so you know the level of work you’re expected to put in the long run for a pass.

2. Get Ahead In The Readings

I know this one is a promise most uni students try to make to themselves and then slack off. But let’s get real if you really want to stay on top of things and remain organised throughout the uni year, start some of the work early. Doing your readings ahead of time will allow you to not only organise your time better and avoid the cram in reading sessions. But getting ahead on content allows you to get on top of other work due in coming weeks.

How To Be Organised For The Uni Year Ahead And Avoid That Last Minute Cram

3. Pace Yourself And You Will Get There In No Time

Let’s be honest there’s nothing worse than trying to do a three-week assignment in twenty-four hours. If you want to organise yourself and avoid this stressful situation, this is not the way to go. Instead, pace yourself and break up your assignments and workload, that way you fit a little bit in alongside your everyday life. This balance will allow you to stay organised and work towards due dates, however, you’re doing so in a way that avoids pressure under time constraints, whilst fitting in leisure time.

4.  Keep Track Of Your Work Progress

It’s one thing to do the steps above however, you need to be keeping track of your progress. I suggest to get yourself a diary and write down everything of importance. If your breaking your workload up daily which is something I strongly advise if you want to stay organised, put in your daily workload and make sure you tick it’s getting ticked off.

How To Be Organised For The Uni Year Ahead And Avoid That Last Minute Cram

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5. Reminders Work Wonders

Yeah, there’s no doubting that uni students are balancing so many things on top of uni and sometimes the whole keeping on top of assignments can get shoved to the side. If you think you could get lost with checking your diary regularly and remembering due dates, why not opt for a digital reminder. Setting a reminder on your phone of upcoming due dates even if its a week before reminder, will get you back into things before you know it. Have a test in a week and forgot, you’ll remember when that reminder of one week to go, pops up on your phone.

6. Stay Connected With Your Students And Teachers

This one is key to staying organised, you must stay connected with your course to be aware of any due date changes and mini tasks in-between. My advice would be to not slack off in attending classes and to always check emails sent by teachers. Along with this, when it comes to group assignments staying connected with your other team members is a must, there’s nothing worse than finding out last minute you didn’t cover your part as expected.

How To Be Organised For The Uni Year Ahead And Avoid That Last Minute Cram

There are my top six tips on how to stay organised for the uni year ahead. If you follow these steps and plan wisely you are sure to stay organised all year round. Have another tip I left out, comment below.

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