18 Pictures Every Study Abroad Student Takes

As study abroad students, we all want to capture the perfect pictures of every amazing moment and experience we have away from home. And we all know those photos show up all over our social media accounts to keep our friends and family back home posted about our crazy new life in a foreign country. We all take those stereotypical study abroad pictures that make it onto our Instagram feeds, rake in the likes, and solidify ourselves as true students abroad. So if you’re a current or a prospective study abroad student, here’s a few of those stereotypical pictures that are always a must for the Insta feed.

1. The Announcement

This lets everyone on social media and beyond know that you’re leaving for a semester.

✌️out 🇺🇸

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2. The Passport and Boarding Pass

Further confirmation that you’re leaving, for real, and are actually at the airport.

hello, old friend.

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3. The Sky-High Sunset

Now everyone is extra, extra sure you’re actually sitting on a plane flying somewhere… you know, if anyone was doubting you.

Golden hour from a plane window is one of my favourite things ✈️☀️

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4. The Thoughtful Cityscape

You obviously need to dramatically look off into the distance for this picture. Thinking about your new life never looked so artsy.

First tastes of Rome. #rome #italy #wanderlust

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5. The Initial Picture in the Food Series

The first time you have a ridiculously delicious meal in your new country must be documented via photo to make everyone at home jealous.


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6. The Ocean Sunset

Bonus points if you include the silhouettes of you and your new abroad friends.


7. The Pose With a Famous Statue

Again, you have to show how artsy and cultured you (now) are.

8. Your Morning Coffee

Because coffee is undoubtedly stronger and prettier outside of America.


9. The Nighttime Cityscape

Cities are beautiful at night… no further explanation needed.

Got taken out on a roof top adventure by some urban exploring legends! Such an incredible perspective of London!

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10. The Best Friend Selfie

The first selfie you take with your newly found best friends after the first time you all go out together.

Taking selfies with your new study abroad friends is a must!

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11. The Flag Friendship

Take a picture with the flag of your second home to show your pride.

Show your pride while studying abroad by holding a flag.

12. The “Look What I Did Abroad”

Whether you swam with sharks or paraglided off a mountain, show it off to your lame, not-abroad followers.


13. Your Dessert

Because if you’re going to show off your coffee, you have to show off your dessert… it’s only fair.

Today was 38℃🍦

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14. Your University Entrance

Show pride for not just your country, but also your school!

15. The Unavoidable Tourist Photo

You’re undoubtedly going to post a picture of the most common, most popular tourist attraction in your country. Just accept it and let it happen.

The colosseum…it’s real!!! #colosseum #rome #italy

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16. The Ode To Home

Let’s face it, when you’re halfway around the world, you’re going to miss home at least a little.


17. One Last Town Photo

Take one last artsy picture before returning to your basic hometown.

Sunset photography sessions in the streets of Trinidad #trinidad #cuba #putneycuba2015

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18. The Final Goodbye

This will probably include a sappy, thankful caption. Again, just accept it.

Thanks for a crazy adventure, Cuba. #cuba #putneycuba2015

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Do you know of any other kinds of pictures study abroad students always take? Let us know below!

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