19 Reasons Why The University Of Toronto Is The Absolute Best


Despite heavy course loads, intense study schedules and not the highest GPAs, The University of Toronto is the absolute best. Current students, alumni , and future U of T hopefuls will definitely agree with these 20 reasons…even if you don’t appreciate them all yet!

1. The Beautiful Historic Buildings

Their beautiful historic buildings will make you feel as if you were transported to the Hogwarts Castle. You will definitely fall in love with University College’s Harry Potter styled dining hall and courtyard. Wandering around Hart House and Victoria College keeps you relaxed in the dimly lit halls of Gothic architecture.




2. U of T is ranked the top university in Canada and the world’s 25 best universities.

We have world class academics and ground breaking research…enough said…

3. Really Influential People Graduated from U of T.

Lester B. Pearson -Nobel Peace Prize Winner, former PM
William Lyon Mackenzie -10th PM of Canada
Frederick Banting -co discoverer of insulin!
Northrop Frye -influential literary critic
Lorne Michaels -Creator of Saturday Night Live
Craig Kielburger -Free the Children founder
John McCrae -wrote “In Flanders Field”, veteran
Margaret Atwood -Author of The Blind Assassin
Donald Sutherland -Actor in The Hunger Games, Pride and Prejudice


4. The Massive Robarts Library

You can immerse yourself in Robarts stacks or enjoy the breath-taking view from the 14 storey building. Robarts also appeared in Season 10, Ep. 13, at 5:20 of FRIENDS, making it even more awesome.




5. The Coziest Places to Study

Get your study on in super cozy places on campus! Trinity College’s John W. Graham Library was built in 1828 and has comfy armchairs next to a fireplace for a good read. EJ Pratt has a more modern vibe with cozy single and doubles study booths 😉 You’re also missing out if you haven’t studied at Emmanuel College Library, a small quiet place with the recurring Harry Potter atmosphere.


6. Therapy Dogs

U of T has therapy dog visits in Gerstein Science Information Centre to help you de-stress during exam season! It’s always nice to cuddle with furry friends!



7. Professor Dan Dolderman

If you haven’t taken PSY100, sit in on one of Dr. Dolderman’s classes, I promise you won’t regret it. He is an enthusiastic lecturer who makes boring course material relatable and tells amazing stories. His tests are hilarious and even held class outdoors when there was a strike one year! It’s a whole new world when you “frame” your thoughts positively. You will leave Con Hall inspired and uplifted 🙂

8. Student Run Cafes

If you’re too lazy to walk off campus, U of T has cute student run cafes for your convenience. Caffiends is an organic coffee shop in Victoria University with vegan snacks. They serve you with donated mugs that you can take to class as long as you return them! Diabolos Café is in the Junior Common Room of University College serving coffee, tea, homemade muffins, soups and sandwiches. Diabolos’ coffee is a must!



9. You Can Play Quidditch!

U of T has their very own Quidditch team known as The Centaurs. You can join the team and compete in Quidditch tournaments and of course, make friends with fellow Harry Potter fans.

10. Philosopher’s Walk

Take a stroll through Philosopher’s Walk and breathe in the fresh air! The path is also super convenient if you’re on your way to Trinity College, the Royal Conservatory of Music, the Faculty of Law or even the ROM!


11. The CN Tower View

If you go to U of T, chances are you will probably have at least one class in King’s College Circle. The beautiful CN Tower view never fails to brighten our day.


12. City Life

With U of T right in the centre of the city, it also means a vibrant city life outside of campus! You can experience Toronto’s culture and nightlife in the heart of the city. The Entertainment District, Chinatown, St. Lawrence Market, and Financial District are all a few subway stops away!



13. The history of U of T.

Nothing is better than attending a university that is filled with rich history! Founded in 1827, U of T has grown into a diverse and thriving academic community. In 1884, Women were allowed to attend classes at U of T. Aircrafts were trained on front campus during WWII and more than 10 000 U of T students fought in the war.



14. Long Winding Staircases

I don’t know if you noticed yet…but U of T has a LOT of stairs. Some included the long winding staircases in University College, Con Hall, and Hart House. U of T created a “Take the Stairs” project, to encourage students to conserve energy by avoiding elevators and taking the stairs. Aside from the beauty of the staircases, they also help tone your butt!



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15. Difficult Writing Assignments

It is completely normal to receive low marks for your first few writing assignments. But that’s okay…high standards make better writers! This goes for all assignments too…you’ll learn to challenge yourself and become even better!



16. Food Trucks!

There’s always a variety of food trucks waiting to satisfy your cravings outside Robarts and Sidney Smith! It’s always so hard to choose between shwarmas, hotdogs, hamburgers, fries, and Chinese food! When it comes to food, The University of Toronto is the absolute best!




17. The U of T Daycare

U of T offers childcare services on campus so mothers can finish their degree!

18. U of T Quads

U of T doesn’t just have ONE quad, they have plenty of them! One beautiful quad is the courtyard in the centre of UC, surrounded by long corridors and arches. It’s an aesthetic place to take those Instagram photos 😉 or to just relax with friends. To name a few others, there is also Hart House, Knox College, Trinity, and Sir Daniel Wilson’s quad.




19. ULife

There are hundreds of clubs and organizations to join at U of T! Find your passion, meet new people, and try new things!




Featured photo source: twitter.com and torontoist.com