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10 Hilarious Thanksgiving Images From Celebrities

Thanksgiving is when everyone expresses their gratitude for all that they have, gets together with family and loved ones, and has a delicious, home-cooked meal. It’s also a time for everyone, including celebrities, to wind down and have some fun! We love catching glimpses of our famous star’s personal life, especially during the holidays. Check out these hilarious Thanksgiving images from celebrities over the years that we still love.

1. The Rock

Last year, The Rock, his beautiful daughter, and even his dog seemed to be exhausted way before all the Thanksgiving festivities even began. In the picture he posted on Instagram, the three of them were lying on the floor and looking like they were already over the day. Here’s what his caption read:

“1130am, already tired and our butts kicked on the bedroom floor and we haven’t even eaten our Thanksgiving meal yet.
This is not a good sign.
Powering back up in 3…2
#TeamOneSock 🧦❤️”

There’s nothing like a good nap to recharge before chowing down on your Thanksgiving meal. And how can you not love the fact that baby Tia only has on one sock? That’s what makes the picture so great!

2. Sarah Hyland

On Thanksgiving of 2019, Sarah Hyland and her friends seemed to really enjoy themselves. She posted two photos of her and her girlfriends hugging and striking fun poses. We love how much fun they’re having and the kooky pictures Hyland posted on Instagram! She captioned her photo “Turkey ladies in waiting. 🦃🥂”We all could use some friends that take pictures like this together! It’ll be amazing to look back on and laugh at with your loved ones.

3. Jennifer Aniston

In December 2018, Jennifer Aniston was on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the two discussed her 2018 Friendsgiving celebration. Kimmel jokingly admitted that he had a problem with it and recommended that Aniston cook Mexican food for her Friendsgiving celebration. Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2019. Aniston took him up on that challenge, captioning her Instagram post, “Ok, @jimmykimmel… here are your f*%king Friendsgiving enchiladas.” We love the humor in her post and could only imagine how good those enchiladas tasted!

4. Zach Braff

Zach Braff tweeted a picture of a scene from Game of Thrones and captioned it “Brace yourselves, politics with your family at Thanksgiving is coming” in 2016. A lot of people understand how heated things can get during family gatherings when politics is brought up, especially since the election was happening around that time last year. For those who relate, you can’t help but laugh because of how accurate the message is. With the election coming up again this year, you might want to brace yourselves once more this Thanksgiving!

5. Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson shared a humorous post on Thanksgiving of 2016 that most moms can relate to. he posted a collage of pictures of her son doing her hair, cooking the Thanksgiving meal, and her and her dog. She captioned it “Yal so damn pressed ! Relax and enjoy the holiday ! come on and eat this turkey now , before it get to cold ! I didn’t want no hair to get in the food , so I put it up! Lol.” She doesn’t look too amused in some of the photos, but we love how real she kept it! Busy moms can’t help but to laugh at how it hits so close to home.

6. Zendaya

Zendaya on Thanksgiving of 2016 is our mood every year! During that time, she posted a photo of herself on her social media pages happily walking onto a plane and captioned it “When you know you bout to get some bomb ass food as soon as you land.” We’d be that hyped too if we knew we would be getting some yummy Thanksgiving food soon! We love how hilarious the picture and caption are.

7. Hillary Duff

Last Thanksgiving, Hillary Duff posted an adorable picture of herself while taking a selfie with her family on Instagram. The family is all smiles; however, the caption is so funny and will make you want to laugh out loud. Duff posted, “HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Banks just ate dirt.” Then you’ll notice how her baby daughter has brown crumbs all over her mouth, most likely from the dirt she just ate. It’s such a cute moment that you can’t help but to laugh.

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8. Reese Witherspoon

Last Thanksgiving, Reese Witherspoon shared a photo on Instagram holding a bottle of wine and looking quite excited. Who wouldn’t be happy when you have wine and an entire Thanksgiving meal you’re about to feast on? Her caption makes wine-lovers want to laugh as well! She posted, “Gratitude is when someone else cooks while you open the wine… 🦃🍷Happy Thanksgiving, folks! Thankful for this fun, supportive, meme-loving community ❤️ #thanksgiving” There’s nothing better to be grateful for.

9. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is known for her hilarious tweets and other social media posts. She tells it like it is, is always honest, and has absolutely no filter, but that’s what we love the most about Chrissy Teigen! In Thanksgiving of 2018, she posted a series of Instagram stories of herself cooking and preparing her Thanksgiving meal. However, not everything went according to plan because she posted a picture of a burned pie with the caption, “in case you are wondering why I didn’t put my finished pie on my instastory.”  Mistakes happen, but we love how honest Chrissy was about it. You can’t help but to laugh because of how relatable this is.

10. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars posted a major Throwback Thursday on Thanksgiving of 2018. In the photo he shared on Instagram, Bruno Mars is a toddler and is eating a large piece of chicken. The level of cuteness in the Instagram picture is off the charts, and it’s so adorable and funny watching baby Bruno Mars trying to eat a giant chicken leg. He kept his caption short, simply saying Happy Thanksgiving.

Which one of these celebrity Thanksgiving photos made you laugh out loud? Leave your comments below!
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