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10 Cool Dance Moves Every Guy Should Know

We all know the guys who lurk at the back of the party who say they “don’t like to dance,” but I think they might actually just not know how to dance. If you are one of those dudes, then don’t give up hope. It is never too late to learn! Check out these 10 easy and cool dance moves to get you started.

1. The Bounce

Sometimes you just have to stand still! If you are just trying to get a good grasp on the rhythm, firmly plant two feet on the ground. You can pretty much just bounce to the beat from hear using a slight bend in your knees or your shoulders.


2. The Two-Step

Step up your bounce game and a step into your moves! Just as it sounds: step together, step to the left. Step together, step to the right. So easy!

3. The Milly Rock

If you can master the hand swoop that is sweeping the nation, you’ll be sure to earn yourself a couple extra cool guy points.


4. The Dab

The best part about the dab is that if you look like a dork while doing it, you can just play it off as a joke anyway.


5. The Dougie

I mean, what if How to Dougie comes on and everyone around you knows how to dougie and you don’t? What if that cute girl you’re trying to impress asks you to teach her how to dougie, and you can’t? Save yourself, learn how to dougie.

6. The Running Man

Someone somewhere out there will be impressed by this.

7. The Grind

OK, I don’t mean the way you did it at the middle school dance. She is never going to turn around and actually look at your face if you can’t master how to grind. Find that happy medium of confident yet not aggressive, and you’re good to go.

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8. The Slow Dance

No, they don’t play slow songs at frat houses, but at formals there is always one at the end of the night. And if you know how to slow dance, you definitely might win your date over.

9. The Nae Nae

This is not only one of the cool dance moves to know, it is one to perfect. You are not going to look cool if the first time you try to nae nae is out on the dance floor. Trust me.

10. The Robot

It’s so cool, even your dad did it at parties.

What are some of your favorite cool dance moves? Tell us in the comments below!
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