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Glitter Makeups For Party Nights

Glitter Makeups For Party Nights

Who doesn’t enjoy a night of good music, dancing and partying? Sometimes we don’t really need to have a really complicated outfit when going out, instead, we want to be comfortable for moving around. But we can spend a little more time with our makeups and make it something unforgettable. A great way is adding a little bit of glitter (or a lot!) to your makeup looks to make it more fun and creative. Add glitter specially if you are going to a club or bar in which lights are not that intense and you still want to be the center of attention. Some of these ideas are really easy to make the best of them is that you can personalize them as you desire.Glitter Makeups For Party Nights

1. Glitter On The Brows

Our brows are an underrated thing when it comes to makeup looks. Sometimes we only comb them but leave them natural, other times we apply a little bit of shadow to make them look fuller, but we should know that brows can be more playful! Try adding glitter to your eyebrows in your favorite color shade to create an amazing look. Complement the look with nude eyeshadows and a natural color lipstick that way the attention will mostly be on your glittery brows! You don’t even have to shape your brows perfectly, naturally uncombed brows full of glitter will make an awesome look!Glitter Makeups For Party Nights

2. Pink Glitter Accents

You can never go wrong when wearing pink glitter makeups! Create a look in different pink shades for your eyes and complement it with a glittery vibe to enhance your beauty. Finish the eyes with thick black eyeliner. Match the eyeshadow game it with a bit more of glitter still in pink as a highlighter for your cheekbones to create a different accent. Since your eyes and cheeks will be the center of the attention with a look like this stay basic with a matte lipstick color. This makeup will look really good with a total black outfit, definitely will make you pop out!Glitter Makeups For Party Nights


3. Golden Tones Glitter Eyeshadows

Glitter doesn’t only come in exotic or neon colors; you can also find it in basic shades to give a slight twist to your looks when it comes to doing your eye makeup. Add a combination of rust red, orange and brown eyeshades to your eyes to create and elegant look. To make the eyeshadow makeup stand out add glitter in golden tones over the eyeshadows that have been already applied. Don’t forget to also add glitter under your eye to create a really intense look! Pair this makeup idea with a nude or glossy lipstick.Glitter Makeups For Party Nights

4. Mermaid Glitter Vibes

One of our favorite makeup ideas when partying the night out is adding glittery sequins to our looks. And a great way to do it is adding it to your eyeshadow’s makeup! Create a basic makeup for your eyes, in the shades you decided and top it with some sequins, to paste them use lash glue. You can add a small line of sequins or fill all your eyelids with sequins, be as creative as you want! To finish a complete look, you can top the sequins filled eyeshadows with an under the eye colorful eyeliner and a nude tone lipstick. We can assure you will become the party hit with a look like this one!Glitter Makeups For Party Nights

5. Glitter Golden Star Freckles

Become a complete star, no pun intended, with this makeup look! Start by creating an eyeshadow game with a combination of brown, orange and golden tones without forgetting a touch of golden glitter to make it stand out. Add some golden stars as if you had unique freckles around your cheekbones, to complete the look. If you don’t want glittery golden stars, you could always change them for sequins, circles or just small dots. You can also make color combinations according to your eyeshadow makeup if you want to get more creative with your looks!Glitter Makeups For Party Nights

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6. Kiss Me On Glitter

Eyeshadows with glitter are a whole thing, but why don’t we hear more about glitter on our lips? Definitely a great way to make our makeups stand out, especially if you are going partying and don’t really plan on consuming anything this looks is right for you. Plus, it will look amazing on pictures so be sure you get tons of them! You can create a bold look on the eyes and finish it by adding a glossy lipstick and tons of glitter over it or balance the look out with more nude eyeshadows and a lot of glitter over the lips. The choices are really endless when it comes to deciding which glitter shade you want over your lips!Glitter Makeups For Party Nights

7. Out Of This World Glitter Eyeliner

Change your regular black eyeliner for a glittery one when you have a night of dancing and partying ahead! You can keep your makeup game simple, by even applying non-eyeshadow and a nude lipstick to your face and then finish the look with a thick line of glitter eyeliner in a silvery shade. You could also create a simple nude makeup and complement it with a delicate glitter eyeliner in your favorite shade, we recommend silver, blue, green, purple or pink tones and some bold lips that will make tons of heads turn your way as you pass.Glitter Makeups For Party Nights


8. Gold Glitter Dust

Sometimes when we decide to go out, we don’t want to spend that much time deciding what to do on our faces, but we still want something to stand out. And with that idea in mind, you can create a nude makeup, with simple eyeshadows and a pink shade or nude lipstick but add a plot twist to the regular combo. Add some glitter as if they were dust freckles all around your eyelids to create an amazing effect by using small pieces of gold foil. This type of makeup look tends to be very easy to achieve, looks really classy and seems as if you spent tons of hours trying to figure it out!Glitter Makeups For Party Nights

Ready to party non-stop with these glitter makeup ideas? Don’t forget to invite us!

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