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10 Ways To Embrace Colorful Winter Makeup

10 Ways To Embrace Colorful Winter Makeup

Listen to me. Your body is a temple, so be kind to yourself. Do not feel ashamed; embrace the mayhem of who you are. With winter right around the corner, every girl is itching to try new colorful shades on their lips. Trying new things can be scary, especially when the society around you may look down on those decisions. Here are 10 ways to embrace colorful winter makeup!

1. Metallic Shades

Remember that you are a dime. Ten out of ten perfection, because there is a universe inside of you that no one else can take a hold of. So be bold, allow all of the twinkling stars inside of you to crawl out and glimmer on the outside too.

2.  Velvety Blue

We all have dark days, full of twisty thoughts and numb feelings. Never let the world convince you that it’s necessary to hide those days from society. Rather, embrace those cloudy days with a dark velvety sky full of midnight dreams of a better tomorrow.


3. Peachy Shades

We all want to be unique, mysterious, and magnetic. Feel exotic with a dark sultry peach filling juicy across your full lips. Walk down a business city sidewalk knowing all eyes are on you in a soft yet rich color.

4. Deep Tones

Attract the love you desire with amethysts painted on your lips. The positive and mysterious vibrations of this color will bring you the confidence you need the universal love we all desire.

5. Burnt Orange

Never forget that you are a fiery orange flame, a fall leaf, always laughing and dancing with a freedom so large it will embrace the ones you surround yourself with like a disease. Only this is a disease we all want to catch.


6. Stay Gold

Stay golden with a shimmering evening sun coating your lips, eyelids, and bronze cheeks.

7. Wine Shades

When a wine glass shatters the noise echoes and expands for all to hear, when a heart breaks it’s silence and you only feel the painful after effect. Wear your heart on your sleeve this winter with a deep wine.

8. Honey Yellow

Joy spreads like soft honey with this golden hue. Show the world what it means to be bold, sweet, and excitable.

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9. Ice Blue

Ice everyone out with a cool mint shade that will not only shock, but leave every girl you pass wishing they could wear a color that pastel and bold.

10. Classic Red

Race back to the 1950’s with a classic red that will seduce and cause a fluttery banter.


As Mary Oliver had written; “You do not have to be good.You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” Do not conform to fear, allow yourself to define what is beautiful for you and your neighbor to define what is beautiful for them.

How do you like to wear colorful winter makeup!? Share in the comments below!

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