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10 Gifs That Accurately Describe What It’s Like To Be A Student At Kansas State University

10 Gifs That Accurately Describe What It’s Like To Be A Student At Kansas State University


When you go to Kansas State University, no matter if you are a freshman,senior, or alumni, everyone experiences the same adventures. You never really get to appreciate these experiences until you tell them to your friends and you realize we really are one big family, that no one else understands. Keep reading for gifs that only a student at Kansas State University would understand.

1. When you tell someone you go to school in Manhattan and they think it’s in New York.

We actually mean the Little Apple and it will always remind us of home.


2. When there’s construction going on 24/7 and yet nothing gets done.

K-State will actually look great in 2025, too bad we wont be able to see it because there is endless construction going on.



3. When it’s game day and that one KU fan tries to show up at the tailgate.

They must be lost or trying to see what a real football team looks like.

4. Bill Snyder.

Enough said.


5. When you or your friend gets lost on Fake Patty’s Day.

The big crowds never end and everybody looks the same when you’re all wearing green.


6. When you try a grilled cheese mac-n-cheese from Varsity Donuts for the first time.

You never knew what heaven tasted like until you went to the Varsity truck.




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7. Me: “I’m not going to get that drunk tonight at The Ville”

Especially when it’s dollar night-it’s hard to say no to the dollar double wells.


8. When you’ve had Pizza Shuttle for two days in a row…

You can’t help it but the cream cheese and how cheap it is will always get the best of you.


9. When Varney’s shut down.

R.I.P., you will never be forgotten.

10. When you finally see something positive about K-State on social media.

Once in a blue moon, but it does happen.


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