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10 Cute Date Ideas Around Tulane

10 Cute Date Ideas Around Tulane

New Orleans on its own is an incredibly romantic city, but the areas surrounding Tulane are some of the most beautiful parts. Not to mention The French Quarter and all its cliche New Orleans offerings- only a short streetcar ride away. Keep reading for 10 cute date ideas to try around Tulane!

1. Ride bikes in Audubon Park.

Right across the street from Tulane is Audubon park, the second largest park in New Orleans and home to the zoo, a golf course, and other fun attractions. For an active, outdoor date idea, riding the trails around the park is super fun and romantic. The Spanish moss and ancient oak trees will make you feel like you’re in a southern fairy tale.



2. Stroll through the Audubon Zoo.

Once again about as close as you can get, Audubon Zoo is within Audubon Park. Normally known as a family outing, going to a zoo on a first date is worth a try for a fun, pressure free time that’s sure to include some memorable moments.



3. Ride the Algiers Ferry around the Mississippi.

For an incredibly romantic (and cheap) date idea, you can take the streetcar or shuttle downtown to where the ferry stops on Canal and get some amazing views of the city from The Mississippi. The best part, it’s only two dollars.



4. Walk through the Cities of the Dead.

A cemetery may not seem like the best date idea, but the raised graves, moss, and marble of New Orleans “cities of the dead” make for a secluded, spooky, and informative spot for a date with someone interested in history or architecture; or who just likes to look at beautiful things.


5. Take a carriage ride in the French Quarter.

About as cliche as it gets, but you can bring your own booze, snuggle up together, and watch arguably the most magical neighborhood in The United States drift past as you listen to the jazz coming out of the bars and the horses feet ahead of you. If that doesn’t sound like a great date then stop reading now because you’re not going to find one.



6. Watch a popular blockbuster or an Indie film at Prytania Theatre.

Located in Uptown, the oldest single screen movie theatre in Louisiana plays commercial releases as well as independent films and favorite classics. A great place to go for a charming, entertaining date that feels right out of The Notebook.



7. Enjoy 25- cent lunch martinis at Commander’s Palace.

This Garden District staple has an old New Orleans feel and is just nice enough to feel adult-ish and fancy. Get a little dressed up and enjoy the 25 cent lunch martinis.


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8. Spend a night on Frenchmen Street.

Any local will tell you that they prefer Frenchmen to Bourbon every time. The street is packed with jazz clubs and bars, many without a cover charge. So go out and have a real NOLA night on the town.



9. Stay fit together at the Reilly Center.

The Reilly Recreation Center on Tulane’s campus may not sound like a very romantic date spot, but its state of the art facilities and varied workout options make it a great place to show off your moves for your significant other.



10. Make a picnic and watch the boats at the Fly.

This levee on the Mississippi River can be accessed through Audubon Park, and is a favorite hangout spot for students. Grab a blanket, make a picnic, and watch the boats float by.



What are some other great date ideas to try around Tulane? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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