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Ranking Of The Worst Dorms At Kent State University

Ranking Of The Worst Dorms At Kent State University

One thing that will always stand out when you think about your freshman year is your dorm. Here is a ranking of the worst dorms at Kent State University.

Ah college. The freedom. Oh so much freedom!  But with freedom comes responsibility. Your first weeks of college are the best weeks of your life. New friends. New experiences. New everything. But one thing that will always stand out to you when you think about your freshman year is where you lived. Your dorm is your home away from home. Trying to squeeze everything you “just need” into this 11×17 small room, but somehow it works in the end. Here is a ranking of the worst dorms at Kent State University.

5. Verder Hall

Located at the edge of campus this is one of those halls you want to avoid. One of the reasons this is a 100% avoid hall is due to the fact there is no air conditioning. You may think you know heat, but when you are trapped in a small room with two people the heat can become unbearable. Your room will reach up to 99 degrees on some days. This hall also has some rooms with build in closets. You may think this will you give you much more room, but it doesn’t. At all. It actually takes up more space and leaves the room looking way smaller.

4. Dunbar Hall


This may be one of the oldest halls on campus. Like Verder, you also get no air conditioning in this hall. The location of this hall is where most of the other dorms sit (around Centennial Courts and Eastway) so the location isn’t terrible. Along with each dorm comes a mini fridge and a microwave. This hall has some rooms that gives extremely outdated appliances. If you want a microwave with a dial, then this hall is for you, but if not – AVOID!


3. Van Campen Hall


The only reason this hall sucks is due to the fact that it is extremely far from everything. If you are a fashion or journalism major most of your classes will be on the complete other side of campus. There is the PARTA bus you could wait for and take, but by the time you wait for the bus and get to where you need to be, walking would have been faster. I would not recommend this hall to anyone who doesn’t like to walk. Especially with Kent winters, you might get hypothermia on your way to class. This is kind of how you’ll feel when you walk into class.

2. Beall Hall

Now this hall is mainly for sophomore standing, but if you have the option of living off campus instead of here – take it. This hall is suite style living, which seems nice, but the building and everything in it is so old you feel like a freshman again. As a sophomore you want to feel older and more mature. But living in a old, non-renovated hall just takes you back to your freshman year (if you had a crappy hall).

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1. Lake/Olson

This hall I have personable experience with, which is why I recommend everyone staying away from it. The only bonus about this hall is the location. It is right in the middle of campus which makes walking to class very simple. Other than that, everything else is terrible. This hall, like Prentice, Verder, and Dunbar, does not have air. The ways you and your roommate will find to stay cool will blow your mind (putting pillow cases in the freezer and sleeping with frozen water bottles like they are teddy bears). Lake Hall is placed directly where the trash from the MACC goes and all the trash from Olson. Every single night around 4:30 or 5 AM you will hear the sound of metal trash bins being smashed on the floor. The first couple nights you just want to cry because you can’t sleep, since you are so hot and the sound of garbage trucks are waking you up. You can call the garbage company as many times as you would like, but trust me nothing will happen. If you think you can just close the windows to block out the noise you cant. Why? Because you close the windows for more than fifteen minutes and your room suddenly turns into the south of Florida. This hall is primarily for Exploratory students, so if you aren’t sure what you wanna do just yet you may get placed here. Good luck.



While these halls suck, they do make for some great memories. Some of my greatest freshman memories are in Lake Hall. The room being 99 degrees made for some great laughs with my roommate, along with other girls on the floor. Kent State is my home away from home and I don’t think that will ever change. If you are a freshman, and you get placed into one of these halls don’t panic. Try to make the best out of it! Don’t let a room ruin your first year at the best college ever! Keep your head up Golden Flash.

What’s your personal ranking of the worst dorms at Kent State University? Comment below!
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