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Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Prime

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Prime

As a college student, you are constantly hassled on social media to sign up for Amazon Prime… While those Facebook and Twitter posts can be super annoying Amazon Prime for students remains one of the BEST perks of going to college! So here is everything you need to know about Amazon Prime, why you should sign up, what to use it for, and why it’s totally worth paying for it after the free trial is over.

everything you need to know about amazon prime

1. What you get as an Amazon Prime Member

  • FREE 2-day shipping on all prime eligible purchases
  • FREE instant streaming of TV shows and movies on any device which you can also download and watch offline
  • Ad-free music streaming of millions of songs and albums which you can also download and listen to offline
  • One FREE e-book a month that you can borrow with no due date
  • FREE unlimited storage space for your pictures with Prime Photos
  • Access to Prime Pantry to get all dorm needs delivered to your dorm room for $5.99 per pantry box
  • Students get FREE Amazon Prime for SIX MONTHS then pay $49/year for the years that you remain enrolled in college with Prime Student 



2. When is the best time to sign up?

Because the free trial only lasts for 6 months, we’d advise to sign up today so you can take advantage of the Prime Day deals, do some of your back to school shopping on Amazon in July and August, then still be able to take advantage of the Free trial offer during the holiday season. Shopping for gifts on Amazon with Free two day shipping is a breeze – you can wait until the very last minute and still get your gifts under the tree without stepping foot in a crowded mall.

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3. Why you should keep it for your 4 years of college

After the free trial runs out, Amazon Prime Student is only $49/year (instead of $99 for adults). Now we get that $49 is a lot of money for a college student (and that you are already counting how much beer you could buy with that amount of cash…) BUT if you do the math, it’s totally worth it. You will never have to meet a minimum order amount again in order to get free shipping, so if you want to order a $2 iphone case from China it’s going to cost you $2. You will never have to wait to receive what you want every again, it’s getting delivered to your dorm room (including your boxes of ramen noodles and other midnight snacks). and the list goes on…. Basically Amazon Prime is the shit.


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4. Exclusive Access to Prime Day

Even though Prime Day wasn’t the blowout sales it was made out to be, there were still some awesome deals to score. Sort of an added bonus of your Prime membership.

If you’re not already signed up for Amazon Prime, get on it today and sign up for Amazon Student for a free 6-month trials so you order your textbooks, dorm decor, appliances and more. If you’re looking to take advantage of these perks, like the 2-day shipping during the holiday season, you’ll still be under the free trial period comes December. Once your free trial is up, Amazon Student lets you use the Prime services at a discounted price for the rest of your college days.