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20 Amazon Items Under $20 You Can Prime In Time For School

20 Amazon Items Under $20 You Can Prime In Time For School

Cheap and affordable Amazon items and things you need for college that you can prime in time to have them delivered before you go back to school!

Still haven’t stocked up on all those college essentials yet? No worries – Amazon prime is here for you. And so are we. Here are 20 Amazon items under $20 (yes, we’re looking out for you and your tiny wallet) that you can order and have shipped all in time for school. And if you haven’t already, sign up for Amazon Prime here – students get a 6 month free trial.

1. A hanging toiletry bag to organize all your bathroom essentials.

So easy to close up and pack away, or even just hang on the back of your door when you don’t need it.

2. Waterproof shower caddy to actually take with you in the shower.

Rather than one that hangs out on the floor, accumulating whatever nastiness resides on those no-longer-white tiles.



3. Flip flops to protect your feet from said gross floors.

The water drainage holes in these help protect from mold too.



4. Collapsible closet organizer to organize your clothes.

Because we need any help staying organized we can get.

5. Collapsible laundry basket with pockets.

You know, for all the shit you need to carry to the laundry room.



6. An ironing blanket for obvious reasons.

Remember, mom won’t be there to iron your shirt on the day of your first interview.

7. A humidifier/oil diffuser because air in the dorm is dry and sometimes smelly.

Let’s be’s always kind of smelly.


8. A first aid kit

…for your first drunk fall…

first aid1

9. Foldable mini lamp that isn’t too annoyingly bright.

For the dark days of studying after your roommate is already asleep


10. A bedside caddy to store those bedtime necessities (remote control).

Because no one wants to climb down a ladder to get something in a pitch dark room.

dorm bed

11. The tiniest iron that tucks away nicely.

Because let’s face it, ironing sucks and you’re only going to do it if you have an interview or a fancy date.

tiny iron

12. A mini blender for super healthy drinks…

Officially, to make smoothies and protein shakes… you know, to make sure you stay healthy. Unofficially, to blend frozen margaritas with cheap tequila.

mini blender

13. Under the bed storage for important things.

This will not be used to hide dirty clothes. Like ever…

under bed

14. An extra comfy lap desk.

Because doing homework in bed (or watching netflix with homework in the background) is better than not doing homework at all.


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15. A waterproof speaker you can bring in the shower.

To start the pregame early.


waterproof speaker

16. The most incredible jar opener ever.

Because jars get stuck and when it’s time to get the pasta sauce on the pasta… no one has time for that shit.

A jar opener

17. A tiny crockpot for easy meals that literally require no effort.

This will come in handy when you are sick of caf food and want to cook yourself a nice dinner.

mini crock2

18. A towel for the showers.

Or for beer cleanup.

19. A solid can opener that will come in handier than you think.

Canned soup, canned chili, canned beans…easy go-to dinners for all college students.

20. An electric wine bottle opener for girl’s night.

Because who has time for a corkscrew?

These Amazon items are perfect for college!

What other Amazon items are you getting shipped to you ASAP? Share in the comments!

These are the 20 Amazon items under $20 you can prime in time for school

Do you know of any other affordable amazon items that are a must before you head back to school? Share in the comments below!
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