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15 Websites For Stylish and Cheap Jewelry

15 Websites For Stylish and Cheap Jewelry

15 Websites For Stylish and Cheap Jewelry
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Jewelry shopping made easy!  Here are 15 websites where I have gotten stylish jewelry for half the price! Cheap jewelry should never mean ugly jewelry and when you’re on a college budget, price matters… but it should never ruin your style. Check out these brands with stylish and cheap jewelry!

1. Boohoo

Body jewelry is something not many companies incorporate into their jewelry section so I am so excited Boohoo has an entire section on it.  With summer right around the corner it is time to stock up on the perfect accessories for your bikinis and at prices as low as $5 Boohoo is my go-to.


2. Forever 21

Forever 21 has definitely stepped up their game recently. They’ve increased their jewelry line to incorporate body chains, faux fur chokers, and cute chain anklets. This layered moon necklace is the perfect addition to any spring top.

3. Baublebar

15% off your first purchase is a great perk and prices start as low as $15, aqua never looked so good!


4. Stargaze

Not only are their products beautiful, even their clearance section features the latest trends in jewelry.  Uh, huh, honey.

5. EK Jewelry

One of my personal favorite etsy accounts. Over 150 handmade items to chose has never looked better.


6. Taudrey

Did someone say stacks on stacks! Free shipping and is known for beautiful personalized bracelets and necklaces.

7. NA-KD

NA-KD is an amazing place to find jewelry because it has everything, from the most simplistic and dainty accessories to the most gorgeous bejeweled and sparkling looks! And you can always gaurantee that NA-KD will be up-to-date with the latest trends of the season.

8. Francesca’s

Nothing completes a spring/summer look better than a tasseled, dangly necklace.  It is definitely a new trend to keep an eye out for.  Also, Francesca’s often features 2 for $20 deals on most jewelry and 10% off your first order when you enter your email.


9. Cents of Style

When you first open the website, it will offer you a free pair of earrings when you enter your email, a great deal if you ask me.  Their prices are as low as $9.95 and they have unique “stamped tribe bracelets” that come in silver, gold and even rose gold.

10. Charlotte Russe

Jewelry as low as $3, almost unheard of! Charlotte Russe often has many sales on its items, especially jewelry, buy two for $10.  These deals are such a steal for layered chokers, stackable rings, and layering bracelets. Talk about cheap jewelry!

11. Moonchild

No surprise here, but their moon piece jewelry is trendy and perfect for festival season, which is right around the corner! Holidays feature 20% off all items and you can layer numerous pieces from their collection just like the pieces below.

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12. Nordstrom Rack

Notoriously cheaper than regular Nordstrom, but not lacking the name brand jewelry. Their jewelry section features trendy earrings, gold studded rings, and dangly necklaces. Prices begin around $10 and with slight effort you can find boho earrings which are very much in season.

13. Clair Ashley

Who doesn’t love a handmade cuff? Personalized to say whatever you want or use the creative options already given. When you first sign up with an email, you get a coupon right away! I can’t wait to buy the cuff below for when I go abroad in the summer.


14. 16ktbeauty

16ktbeauty has beautiful healing stone chakras for $20 in about 15 different colors, one for every outfit!  They even have a good vibes section on their website, it doesn’t get any better than that. All of the jewelry sold there is simple, yet needed to complete your look.


15. PacSun

The chokers that PacSun sells are some of my favorites because I am a big fan of gold and denim. You cannot go wrong with gold layers, and now jean accessories are making a big comeback. Hit PacSun if you want to know what’s really trending!

Do you know of any other websites with stylish and cheap jewelry? Let us know in the comments!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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