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10 Disney Influencers That Make You Wonder How They Can Love Disney That Much

10 Disney Influencers That Make You Wonder How They Can Love Disney That Much

Do you think that you love Disney? Well, these people take it to the next level! Check out this article for 10 amazing Disney influencers.
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The amusement parks, the magic, the music, the movies–Disney has it all. Sure, pretty much everyone likes Disney, but there are some hardcore fans out there who can just never have enough Disney. From YouTubers to Instagrammers, here are 10 Disney influencers that make you wonder how they can love Disney that much.

1. Magic Journeys

This YouTube channel, run by couple Migvee and Janelle, is for all the foodies out there. Their channel is dedicated to trying all the fun and tasty foods at Disneyland resorts. Try not to watch their videos on an empty stomach, everything looks so yummy!

2. Oh Yeah Disney

Run by Disney World locals Emily and Scott, this Instagram account is filled to the brim with beautiful pictures of the park and all that it offers. Their account perfectly captures the magic of Disney, and really makes you want to start planning your next trip to the park.


3. Willy Goodman

If the characters are one of your favorite parts of the Disney parks, this account is for you. Filled with pictures of all the Disney characters in the park, this account will convince you the lines to take pictures with them are totally worth it.

4. Sarah Sterling

Both Sarah’s YouTube and Instagram are all Disney. Her channel features videos with Disney history, Disneyland vlogs, and tips on all things Disney. Her Instagram account also features adorable pictures of her at the park, oftentimes Disneybounding.

5. MrCheezyPop

Maxwell Glick’s YouTube channel, MrCheezyPop, primarily features him exploring Disneyland Anaheim as well as trying all the mouth-watering treats inside the park. His videos are sure to put a smile on your face with his immense enthusiasm for Disney.


6. The Pixie Traveler

The Pixie Traveler, aka Lex, is a Walt Disney World local who spend tons of the time at the park, and fortunately documents everything. Her cute pictures with characters, her kids, and her hubby are definitely Disney family goals.

7. Dole Whip Dani

If you love Disney and Instagrams dedicated to certain aesthetics, dolewhipdani, is an account you need to follow. Her feed is full of Disney characters, parades, and events, and is themed by color, which shifts as you scroll through her beautiful account.

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8. Abby Corkins

Abby Corkins’ Instagram is filled with pictures of her enjoying Walt Disney World. All of the fun pictures she posts will have you wishing you could magically switch places with her.

9. Offhand Disney

Offhand Disney is a bit different from the other Disney fanatics if you are looking for variety. This channel is about the facts and theories about Disney parks, movies, and characters. To give you a better idea of the awesome content, some of the video titles include “Ghost Sightings at Disneyland”, “The Dark Side of Disneyland”, and “5 EXTINCT Disneyland Attractions That We All Miss”.

10. TheTimTracker

TheTimTracker’s vlogs at Disney World will make you feel like you’re there with him. The ride POVs are one of the highlights of his videos, and if you can’t make it to the actual park, this is a good second choice. Definitely one of the biggest Disney influencers.

Which of these Disney influencers will you check out? Let us know in the comments!
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