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The 10 Top Sites For Formal Dresses

The 10 Top Sites For Formal Dresses

Searching for a cute, affordable and trendy formal dress? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for 10 fabulous sites for formal dresses that are anything but basic!

1. Beginning Boutique

Beginning Boutique carries those dresses you see on Insta-famous models, that you don’t think actually exist. If you are looking to jump out of the box, this is the place to shop. They have the perfect pair of sunglasses to throw on when you are on your way from the pregame back to the house. The kind that says, “I won’t remember this at all but get the hell out of my way”. Their dresses go from zero to twelve so it is a must when shopping.


2. PrettyLittleThing

PrettyLittleThing has to be my personal favorite! Their clothes are meant to fit women with curves! And they make everyone look sexy. They have perfect two piece outfits as well, which are extremely in right now, along with perfect formal dresses. Make sure to constantly keep an eye out, because every so often the whole site will be 50% off! Their sizes run from a 0 to a 12 and have a specific section just for curvier girls!


3. Lulu’s

If you are looking for a variety of dress options, Lulu’s is the place to go. They have everything from a category called “cocktail dresses” to a separate tab labeled “occasion” housing a formal tab. They sell both cute and comfy formal dresses, alongside wild daring dresses. Their dresses are usually under $60 which is perfect for the dried up, broke college girl. Their sizes range from XS to an XL.


ASOS has the perfect collection of dresses, along with a plethora of jumpsuits and rompers sure to suit your formal needs. We all know that by the time it comes to getting on the bus, chances are good your president has been treated to a show, featuring your undergarments. So why not wear a romper and avoid all of that standards drama! Their prices range anywhere from $40-$130 for a really nice ensemble, they even have a 10% student discount! Their Sizes run in UK, but for reference an American 10 is a UK 14.

5. Tobi

Everyone LOVES Tobi. Cheap, cute, good shoes, everything a girl could dream of. They have excess of scandalous apparel that are sure to set your date over the edge. You can also find the perfect pair of shoes to go along with your dress that are in your budget. Their sizes also range from a double zero to a ten, leaving little room for curves – the only downfall. If you decide the dress isn’t for you, returning it is as easy as sleeping through your 8AM.

6. Nasty Gal

If you’re looking for a formal dress that is sure to blow your date away, look no further than Nasty Gal. You will be able to wear these perfect dresses more than once because they are so posh and perfect for any event. Although slightly pricey, it will all be worth it in the end.

7. Go Jane

Go Jane has dresses to fit your specific needs, such as the silhouette, occasion, and trends. You need a dress that will show off your cutthroat shoulders? No problem, Go Jane has got you covered with a category specifically labeled “Bare Shoulder Dresses”. It is surprisingly cheap considering the quality. Need heels to perfectly match your baby blue dress? Don’t fret because Go Jane has about a million different categories for shoes, including one specifically for orange, and that says a lot.

8. Missguided

Missguided provides a great deal of plus size dresses that are relentless when it comes to how good you will look in it. They even have a category that specifically says “200 dresses under $26,” literally how much better could life get. AND a 20% student discount and free shipping, I mean come on. I did a little research on the 200 cheap dresses, and damn there were a lot of choices, including some crisp bodycons.

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9. Princess Polly

Don’t let the name fool you, Princess Polly is for fierce girls only. Catering to the contemporary hipster, this site has everything under the sun. Including playsuits that will look flawless in pictures to drop dead tunics. Most of the dresses run from a size 6 to a size 12, and they are fairly expensive, but extremely worth it. You can also pay in monthly increments, so say you have $.77 cents in your bank account, no problem, Polly has you covered until your job starts back up.

10. Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is one of those brands you can always count on not to dissapoint when it comes to dress shopping. With an endless selection and most dresses under $30, you can’t go wrong!



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