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13 Decorations To Personalize Your Dorm

13 Decorations To Personalize Your Dorm

Decorating a dorm can be hard, especially if you feel that you might go overboard. But there are so many items to decorate a dorm from lights to posters. Here are decorations to personalize your dorm that you might want to include!

1. Posters

While it may seem redundant, posters can add a personal touch. Are you a big Harry Potter fan and want to let everyone know? Or is there a certain band you love you want others to know about? Having posters in your dorm lets others see your interests, and you may find a common interest with other people. 

2. Photos

Leaving home for the first time can be scary, especially if you’re traveling far. Photos can be a great way to help deal with separation from family. Put them up next to your bed or on your desk so you can also see your family members when you wake up in the morning or are working on homework. 

13 Decorations To Personalize Your Dorm


3. Curtains

Are the shades in your dorm not good at keeping out the sun? Or perhaps you want to add some color to your dorm? Put in some curtains to keep out the sun and add a splash of color! Don’t worry if your dorm doesn’t have curtain rods. There are many substitutes you can use in place of curtain rods such as adhesive hooks, tension rods, and ceiling hooks to hang your curtains from. 

4. Lights

Twinkling, fairy, or even multi-color, lights can add a certain flair to your dorm! While they may not have the desired effect during the daytime, the nighttime is when these lights can shine, literally! Hang them over your bed to add a magical effect or line your walls with them. For the holidays, buy lights to decorate your dorm for added effect.

13 Decorations To Personalize Your Dorm

5. Flowers

Flowers can brighten up any occasion or even a room! There doesn’t need to be an occasion to have flowers. Buy flowers to add color and a sweet aroma to your dorm. True, the scent doesn’t last long but you’ll still have cute flowers in your room. Don’t want to care for them? Fake flowers are an option, but they won’t have a scent like real flowers do. Well, maybe the next decoration might be better, especially if you want a lasting scent.


6. Wax Warmers

This decoration might sound weird, but it’s a great substitute if your dorm doesn’t allow candles. Most wax warmers have designs around the body and when plugged in, a light bulb lights up, showing off the design even more! And, with the wax melt on top, the bulb will heat up it and the wax release a pleasant aroma around your dorm. With a cute design and a pleasant scent, what could go wrong with this one?

13 Decorations To Personalize Your Dorm

7. Stickers

No, not stickers to put on papers, but ones for the walls! These simple decorations can be used anywhere that you have blank space that you want to fill up. The best part, you can reuse them! That’s right, just peel the stickers off the wall and place them back on the adhesive. This way, you never have to part with them, and can put them up in the next dorm you go to!

8. Motivational Posters

Want to have positive messages on your walls? These decorations answer that question for you! With so many messages to choose from, you can decide which ones to add on your walls! Put up something to get a laugh out of someone or even have something to inspire you and someone else.


9. Chandelier

This one might seem overkill, but I’m not talking about overly, decorative chandeliers. Something simple and cute, like a battery-powered, light changing chandelier. Yes, you heard me right.

These chandeliers turn on for a few hours of a day and automatically turn off when the time is up. At night, the colors of the rainbow literally light up your dorm! The only time you will need to handle your chandelier is to change the batteries but other than that, it’d be cool to have this neat decoration to your dorm!

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10. Paintings

Simple paintings can be added to cover blank spaces on your walls. Found a piece of art at a store you love? Put in on your walls! If you commissioned your own artwork, display it for people to see what you’ve accomplished. With paintings, big or small, they can add a colorful array to your walls and make them stand out!


11. Pillows

These decorations might sound boring, but it can add a personal touch to your dorm. Especially if you get the pillows that change colors when you move your hand over it! With those pillows, you can write a word or even make an image to display on your pillow. Wouldn’t this be a great addition to your dorm?

13 Decorations To Personalize Your Dorm

12. Rugs

This might sound simple, but rugs can add color to your floor and protect your bare feet from the cold floor. It’s a simple but effective decoration to add to your dorm. Maybe you want something small and round right in the middle of the floor? Or maybe you’d rather have a large and rectangular rug right next to your bed so when you get out of bed, your feet will land on a plush rug.

There are so many different options to choose from that any rug will be a great choice! Just make sure it’ll fit in the space you want before getting the rug you want.


13. Chairs

While chairs may not be considered decorations, it all depends on the type of seating arrangement you want! Get a colorful bean bag to place in your dorm. Or a round, plush chair to add comfort and style to the dorm. Even an ottoman will do! Substituting plain chairs for something a bit eccentric can give the dorm a bit more color.

Which decoration are you thinking of adding to your dorm? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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