10 DIY Decor Ideas For Your Dorm Or Small Spaces

These DIY decor ideas will be perfect for any college student looking to decorate their dorm room. Here are some of the best DIY dorm decor ideas!

Going off to college can be exciting.  the first time living away from home, decorating your own space to your taste and expectations.  However, dorm rooms are small.  Trying to fit a year of your life in a small space can be frustrating.  Here are some great ways to decorate your space, no matter how small.

1.) Cork Board

One of the easiest ways to fill up wall space is using cork board squares.  Most can be hung up by double sided tape so they don’t damage the wall. They can be used to hand pictures, art work, homework reminders or flyers you pick up on canvas for fun events.

10 Decor ideas to decorate your dorm room or small space

2.) Dry Erase Picture Frames

This one is an inexpensive idea of finding a few picture frames of various sizes.  Then find or decorate a picture to put in the frame. Finding solid colored paper is the best option, such as scrapbook paper or even a fun solid color fabric inside.  The reason for solid colors is because this is a dry erase frame. Whether you put it on your dorm room door, on the fridge in your room or make a collage of them on the wall this is a great  way to make a weekly calendar, leave notes for your roomies or leave reminders for due dates on homework. It’s functional and decorative.

10 Decor ideas to decorate your dorm room or small space

3.) Tapestry Wall Paper Idea

A lot of dorm rooms won’t let you just hand anything on the walls.  Nails and big holes are the wall are usually not allowed. And painting is usually out of the question.  So a fun way to create that vibrant look are hanging tapestries. You could this with minimal holes or uses a double sided tape with clothes pins.  Whether it’s adding some colored flair the room or a modern look, it will be an easy way to spruce up a tiny space. You can even purchase wall tapestries that look like brick add a more modern rustic feel.

10 Decor ideas to decorate your dorm or small space

4.) Patio Lights for Mood lighting

Patio and Christmas lights are cheap and fun.  It always makes the room feel more festive and playful.  Sitting under those lights, it will be nice to pop in some music, and enjoy the atmosphere while you sit there and dread those gruesome college papers.

10 Decor ideas to decorate your dorm or small space

5.) Tassel Banner

A tassel Banner is a DIY way to make the space your own. But Cutting  Fabric, paper or tissue paper in a fringe and taping, gluing or stapling it to some, string is easy to  add across your window ceiling or walls to add some color to your space. It would e an easy thing to switch out depending on the time of year and match the holidays.  And when switching out it doesn’t take up too much space when not in use, so finding a small box to fit under your bed to rotate out all year long is definitely an option.

10 Decor ideas to Decorate your dorm or small space

6.) Clip Boards

Much like the dry erase picture frame, Clip boards are a fun way to take up some wall space.  Whether it’s by the door or by your desk, you could use them rotate some motivational quotes, reminders about what is happening on campus or reminders on up coming homework.  By using colored paper, whether it’s scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or coloring pages it will add some color and organization to your space

10 decor ideas for your dorm room or small space

7.) Earthy Garland and Decor

What if your not into bright colors?  Or you prefer a more neutral look. Earthy garland and decor is a great way to go.   Buying small plants ( probably fake, because who has time to water a ton of plants when they are exploring their campus and all of its activities?) or small leafy garland to drape around the room accenting windows, and bookshelves makes the room feel clean, natural and welcoming.  Whether you buy it pre-made, or make it from paper or felt, it will surely have a home-like feel.

10 decor ideaas for your dorm room or small space

8.) Divide the room

Dorm rooms are small!  It’s most likely the size of your bedroom at home or smaller AND you’re sharing it with someone!  One way to create a unique space is to use furniture to break it it two. Pull a bookcase between the the bed and rest of the room to give you more of a privacy feel, while still making use of the book case for storage.  

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10 decor ideas for your dorm room or small space

9.) Home work Corner, DIY Pillows

If there is any spot remaining, even at the end of a bed, or headboard of a bed, fill it with pillows and make yourself a cozy little corner.  You can make your own pillow cases but gluing felt to them, or fun fabric pieces or drawing on them with marker. Make a space that is your own whether you want a place to relax and read a book, or sit down comfortably and study for the big exam.  

10 decor ideas for your dorm room or small space

10) Clothespin Picture Wall

Much like the tassels hanging from your walls, add clothes pins and create a picture wall.  Make it a headboard or an art wall hanging pictures of your friends and family back home and new experiences your having at college.  It because a photo album wall to cherish. Polaroid Cameras are just as popular now as they once were, so keeping one up at school will be a great way to make this wall happen.

10 decor ideas for your dorm room or small space

Even though the space is small, the ideas are endless.  Which Decor Idea fits you? Are you the simpleton with the Earthly Garland or the tapestry on the wall for color?
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10 DIY Decor Ideas For Your Dorm Or Small Spaces

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