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10 Hair Care Things You’re Doing That Is Making Your Hair Hate You

10 Hair Care Things You’re Doing That Is Making Your Hair Hate You

10 Hair Care Things You're Doing That Is Making Your Hair Hate You

Finding the right routine for your hair type can be tough and researching the best ingredients takes the time that most of us don’t have. I am a curly girl with fine hair and as most curl products are made for thicker hair. So, I did some research to find hair care products that will not damage my hair.

In my search, I discovered that whatever your hair type is, there are some ingredients and hair styling techniques that should be given up if you want your hair to be its best self.

1. Using Hair Care Products With Sulfates, Parabens, and Harsh Alcohols

The first thing I learned on my quest to have healthier hair is that sodium lauryl sulfate and other harsh ingredients damage hair. Especially if your hair is curly, these ingredients with cause frizz and breakage. Companies such as OGX and Sheamoisture are good because their products are sulfate free, but it’s always best to check the ingredient list before buying anything. Even the best hair care companies sneak in ingredients that aren’t in your hair’s best interests!


2. Straightening or Curling Your Hair Every day

I never had this issue because I neither straighten or curl my hair. However, it is worth mentioning because many hair care professionals condemn heat tools as the number one cause of hair damage. Who wants hair that looks fried? No one. If you want to straighten or curl your hair, do so occasionally but refrain from regular use. Yet, the best way to wear your hair is in its natural state. Why look like everyone else when your hair is one of the things that make you unique?

3. Dying Your Hair Regularly

I’m sure it’s fun dying your hair different colors every month, but hair dye does long term damage to your hair. You’ll be better off if you learn to rock your natural hair and leave hair dye to greying women.

4. Too Much Heat

I use my hairdryer every day. In order to minimalize the damage, I put mine on low heat and use a diffuser. Also, using a turbine twist lessens the amount of time you spend under the dryer: I recommend using one!


5. Wearing Hats

Hats are a fun and useful accessory to add to any outfit, no matter the season. However, if you ever noticed that your hair gets thinner and frizzier in the winter, it’s likely your hat is to blame. Acrylic is by far the worst fabric for your hair and as most winter hats are made from acrylic: it is hard to get away from it! Consider buying a hat that is silk lined or made of a lighter fabric to minimalize the damage. Tight fitting hats are also bad for your hair as they cause breakage near your scalp.

6. Tight Hairstyles

Do you wear your hair in a tight bun or ponytail every day? It’s important to change up your hairstyle daily so that your hair is not excessively stressed in one place. Consider wearing your hair up one day and down the next day as hair ties and clips cause breakage and frizz.

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7. Towel Drying Your Hair

Regular towels you use to dry your body are too rough for hair follicles. It over exfoliates your scalp and the material of the towel causes hair to break. If you use a hair towel made of microfiber you will notice a big difference in the quality of your hair.

8. Cutting Your Hair Yourself

A trip to the salon costs more than most of us can afford and it may be tempting to trim it yourself. If you cut it incorrectly, though, you will be creating more split ends than you are getting rid of. Either go to a salon or don’t cut it at all. I haven’t gone for a year and my hair has grown tremendously and with the help of hair oil, my split ends fixed themselves. Whatever you decide, make sure you don’t sacrifice your hair to save a buck.

9. Using Hairspray

Traditional hairspray is like spraying Lysol on your hair. Remember the harsh ingredients I told you about? All of them are in hairspray. Don’t freeze your hair in place with that toxic mist. Let it be and use another product that will not damage your hair.


10. Ratting (Backcombing)Your Hair

Since it’s not the 80’s, this is much less of an issue, but it still remains a big no-no among stylists. Ratting your hair causes break off and split ends to occur. If you’re getting ready for a retro party consider forgoing the age-old trend.

Are you guilty of these hair care mistakes? Let us know in the comments!

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