Here’s Why I’m Disaffiliating From My Sorority

Here's Why I'm Disaffiliating From My Sorority

Despite the glitz and glamour of sorority girls you see flooding your timeline – there’s more to Greek life than meets the eye. Not everything is cute coordinated outfits, themed parties and date nights out in high heels. Here’s why I’m disaffiliating from my sorority.

Here’s Why I’m Disaffiliating From My Sorority

Women v. women

While you’re rushing, you’ll be sure to hear 1,000 times how much sorority girls love each other – even if they’re from different houses. Once you begin wearing your flashy letter sweatshirts it’s not hard to tell this was a lie.

Whether it’s girls giving you dirty looks because your house is below yours, or giving you dirty looks because your house is above theirs, there is no shortage of chronic b**ch face.

And don’t forget the f***ing philanthropies. Nothing says raising money for charity like fraternities pitting women against each other to win a party or notoriety on campus. Not to mention that they’ll be sure to cherrypick the sororities that are the hottest. Are we in the 17th century?

Even in your own house

Yeah, the alleged sisterly love that’s ingrained in you all throughout rush is mostly a sham. Sure, you’ll meet a few girls who genuinely could be your sisters, but aside from that there’s a whole lot of sh*t talking and shame going around.

Cliques are like cancer in Greek life, and you’d be naive to assume any chapter doesn’t have them. If girls aren’t talking about other sororities on campus, they’re probably talking about each other.

Or how Brad in Sigma Nu had sex with Jessica in Tri Delt.

Smell the privilege

Don’t forget that all this glamour has a hefty price tag. Depending on your school and chapter, fees can range wildly. Unless your parents will pick up the price tag, prepare to empty your pockets.

And sacrificing your summer savings isn’t the worst of it. Amid flocks of Canada Goose jackets, AirPods and Cartier rings, you’re reminded of your peasant status – only Northface and Jansport backpacks here.

Even though Jacky in Kappa may seem like, totally woke, she has never had a job and mostly just posts inspiring quotes on her Instagram stories. Most of Greek life’s biggest life challenge so far is the fact that their dad wouldn’t replace their Range Rover after they crashed it – twice.

Here’s Why I’m Disaffiliating From My Sorority


For potential members of shiny Greek life, recruitment is a blur of color coordinated outfits and faux flower decor.

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Take a peak inside most sororities and you’ll find a few disgruntled or crying sisters who don’t like each others decorations, or think the shirt for that round is like, gross. Sororities shell out ridiculous amounts of money trying to convince freshman girls that their house is the hottest, richest, and most popular on campus. Super wholesome.

Girls going through recruitment feel like special little flowers, when in reality they are mostly being judged on their looks and if they’ve ever been to Europe or not. You might feel like a house loves you, but when you leave at least two girls will laugh at your conversation. Feel the love.

Here’s Why I’m Disaffiliating From My Sorority


Okay, so not everything about sororities are terrible. I made some of my closest friends and best memories through my sorority. I know half of the campus through mutual friends or because Sarah made out with a frat bro in my economy class a few weeks ago. I have traveled with my sisters, had sleepovers and many blackout nights with these girls.

I can’t be sure that my life would be better without having done Greek life, but I know that being in a sorority doesn’t suit who I am anymore. For the freshman hopeful out there wondering if recruitment is for her, you truly don’t need Greek life to enjoy your college experience.

If you value looks and belonging to a group of girls unified by a few emblazoned letters on a Comfort Colors sweatshirt, sorority life may be for you.

What’s your qualm with sorority life? Comment yours down below.
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