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Date Night Ideas To Totally Try According to Your Horoscope

Date Night Ideas To Totally Try According to Your Horoscope

Thinking of date night ideas can be tough. There are so many things you could do, that it’s hard to pick the perfect activity for you and your partner. Thankfully, the stars just align sometimes to give you amazing date night inspiration. Read on to find out the perfect date night idea according to your horoscope!

Aries: Hiking

Aries is a fire sign, driven by pure energy and ambition, and the most passionate of the three. Aries are competitive, bold, and they love to be active. They also love tackling and overcoming a challenge. The best date night idea for an Aries is hiking or a similar outdoor activity where they can move and unleash their energy. And when the date is over, Aries will still have the energy to do more, whether they take it to the bedroom or not.

Date Night Ideas To Try According To Your Horoscope

Taurus: Wine Tasting

Taurus is an earth sign, so naturally they are very grounded. They like to take slow and easy, and prefer a more laid-back atmosphere. Taurus is also known for their enjoyment of life’s finer things. Going out to a scenic vineyard for a relaxed yet elegant wine tasting trip is the perfect date night idea for Taurus’ personality and interests! If you’re not interested (or eligible) in wine tasting, a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant is another great date night idea for Taurus.

Gemini: Movie Night

Gemini is known for being versatile and energetic, perhaps sometimes too energetic. Although sitting still and being quiet are not Gemini’s strong suits, they do love to be entertained. Therefore, going to the movies is the perfect date night idea for a Gemini because it stimulates their mind, and gives them something to talk extensively about afterwards. Drive in movies are especially fun, and plays, dances, and musical performances all make great date night options as well!

Date Night Ideas To Totally Try According to Your Horoscope

Cancer: Stargazing/Cloud Watching

Cancer is most well-known for being intuitive, and as a water sign, they can be very sensitive and emotional. Like the crab they are represented by, Cancer has a hard and tough exterior, but soft insides. Driving out to an empty field and gazing up at the sky is the perfect date night idea for Cancer because it is personal and intimate, allowing them to open up romantically and share their emotions.

Date Night Ideas To Totally Try According to Your Horoscope

Leo: Karaoke

Leo is dramatic, and loves to be the center of attention. To some this may come across as too showy, but approach them with positive energy and you will realize that Leo is the life of the party! Karaoke is the perfect date night idea because it lets them get up and perform, no matter their singing ability! Double – or even triple – dates are also great date night ideas for Leo as well.

Date Night Ideas To Totally Try According to Your Horoscope

Virgo: Cooking

Virgo is famously – or infamously- known for being a perfectionist. The perfect date night idea that will please Virgo may be hard to come by, but don’t worry too much, because as an earth sign, Virgo is quite literally down-to-earth. Virgo also values practicality, and loves to improve their skills. Whether taking a class or just at home, cooking a meal together is the perfect date night idea for the perfectionist Virgo!

Date Night Ideas To Totally Try According to Your Horoscope

Libra: Shopping

To buy or not to buy? Going shopping may not sound like a great date night idea for most people, but it is well-suited for Libra. Represented by the scales (of justice), Libra values harmony and balance. However, their tendency to evaluate things from both sides tends to make them rather picky and indecisive. Shopping is a great date night idea for a Libra because the possibilities are endless, so they don’t have to choose! And at the end of the day, Libra is just happy to spend time with you.

Date Night Ideas To Totally Try According to Your Horoscope

Scorpio: Escape Room/Scavenger Hunt

Scorpio, represented by the scorpion of course, often gets a bad reputation, but they can make for fun and exciting romantic partners. Scorpio is often associated with darkness, but actually enjoys bringing the truth to light. They are very intellectual in this way, a common trait for water signs. Activities that are mentally stimulating and involve a bit of mystery, like a scavenger hunt or an escape room, are great options for date night ideas with a Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Traveling/Exploring

Sagittarius is the last of the three energetic fires signs, and the most adventurous. Similar to the archer that represents them, Sagittarius is always on a hunt the next new and exciting endeavor. They can be a bit overenthusiastic, but Sagittarius’ lively and outgoing nature always make for a fun time. Perfect date night ideas for Sagittarius would involve experiencing something new and broadening their horizons. If you can’t afford to travel, exploring your local and surrounding areas are also great date ideas. Try going someplace you’ve never been before!

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Date Night Ideas To Totally Try According to Your Horoscope

Capricorn: Trivia Night

Capricorn is very ambitious, but being an earth sign keeps them grounded and practical. Capricorn’s motto would be “work hard, play hard,”. A good date night idea for a Capricorn would be something that would keep them excited yet also help them take a break from working all the time. Going to a trivia night at a bar or restaurant is a great option because it engages Capricorn’s competitiveness without being too serious.

Aquarius: Going To A Museum

Aquarius is surprisingly an air sign despite its name, and the most intellectual of all twelve zodiac signs. Although not the most outwardly emotional partners, Aquarius are great thinkers and care a lot for others and the world. Taking a trip to a place like a museum would be a great date night idea for stimulating Aquarius’ mind and spending quality time together! Botanical gardens, zoos, and aquariums are also similarly great date night options for Aquarius.

Date Night Ideas To Totally Try According to Your Horoscope

Pisces: Having A Picnic

Pisces, the very last zodiac sign on the horoscope, is the most emotional and romantic of all the signs. They are very dreamy and idealistic, especially when it comes love. Think of iconic movie date signs when deciding on date night ideas with Pisces. If you can’t bring their fairytale fantasy life, then something picturesque like a picnic date in a beautiful field is a great choice. If the weather isn’t the best, a candlelit dinner is another romantic date idea.

Date Night Ideas To Totally Try According to Your Horoscope

Astrology and horoscopes aren’t an exact science, so take these suggestions with a grain of salt, but use them nonetheless to inspire your next date! Tell us your favorite date night ideas in the comments below!

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