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Guys, Here’s How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

Guys, Here’s How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

Sometimes, texting makes things so much easier when it comes to dating. Here's how to ask a girl out over text and successfully get her on a date!

Nowadays, everything is done over text, especially when it comes to dating. It isn’t uncommon for people to ask each other out via text. But, because it’s text and not face to face, mixed signals and miscommunication are more common. If you’re planning on asking a girl out, there are a few things you need to know. Here is how to successfully ask a girl out over text!

Guys, Here's How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

1. You have been texting for a while

If you and the girl you’re into have been talking for a few weeks, it’s time to go for it.

Text to send: Are you free to grab a drink tomorrow night?

While this is beyond basic, it works. Obviously get a conversation going beforehand and naturally send it. It also is really low pressure and won’t make her feel like she has to go.

Guys, Here's How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

2. You just met, but want to chat face to face (texting is the worst)

When you just meet a person, it can be really hard to get to know them, especially if they suck at texting. Your best bet is to get together in person and actually talk (like everyone has done before the age of social media and texting).

Text to send: I don’t have any plans for tomorrow afternoon, would you want to grab a coffee?

Most people really like coffee and if the date ends up being terrible, at least coffee goes quick and you can get out of there.

Guys, Here's How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

3. You haven’t talked in forever and you want to give it a go (again)

Life happens and it’s easy for us to go our separate ways. If you guys haven’t seen or heard from each other, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and get sparks going again.

Text to send: Hey things have been crazy…would love to meet up. What’re you up to later??

Just let her know that you haven’t forgotten about her and that she’s been on your mind. If you guys had something going in the past and it didn’t end on bad terms, then she definitely will be willing to go on a date!

Guys, Here's How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

4. You want to go on a second date

So, you went on a date and really had an amazing time. Don’t be an idiot and wait 10 years to text her again. She wants to hear from you, trust me. Text her and do a quick follow up to reassure her that you want to go on a second date!

Text to send: That was honestly so much fun, we have to do it again this week. You around (pick a day)?

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Guys, Here's How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

5. You don’t know if she’s into you or not

The hardest is not knowing if the girl you like is into you. She may be sending you mixed signals or she may just be really bad at texting. Don’t be afraid to ask her. If worst comes to worst, at least you can stop wasting your time.

Text to send: Gunna just put this out there…do you want to grab dinner sometime this week??

It really gives her no room to dodge the questions. It’s either a yes or a no.

Guys, Here's How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

All around, it is pretty basic when it comes to asking a girl out through text. It’s all about having confidence and being really straightforward. If you have been wanting to ask a girl out, GO FOR IT!

Do you have any other tips on how to ask a girl out over text!? Share in the comments below!

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