15 Cutest Boho Dorm Rooms On Pinterest You Need To Copy

Dorm decorating can be overwhelming, especially with so many different styles to copy and so many places to shop. Boho dorm rooms are the best way to bring the good vibes to your room and create a relaxing space. After all, your room is the place where you come back to unwind. Whether you like to go all out with different wall art and decor or you like to keep it as simple as possible, we have a boho inspired dorm room for you. We did the hard part and found the 15 cutest boho dorm rooms on Pinterest. Now, it’s your turn to have fun and get some seriously cute inspiration!

The best inspiration for boho dorm rooms!

1. The Adventure Seeker

If you are someone who loves the thrill of trying new things and likes to live life on the edge, boho dorm rooms like this are a great way to express that passion. With bold colors and a mix of patterns, your fun side is sure to make an impression!

Fun bold colors look awesome in boho dorm rooms!

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2. Show Your Inner Zen

It is important that your room is your space to clear your head and unwind. Show off your zen side with this super cute Buddha head and tassel runner blanket. Both fun and simple, this room is sure to be your happy place.

Tassel blankets are the perfect accessory for boho dorm rooms!

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3. An Easy Way To Get Privacy (Or At Least Feel Like You Have It)

Using a curtain, whether it is sheer or another material, can help create space for you and only you. Sharing a room can make things feel overwhelming sometimes, but simply pull your curtain down and voila!

Add a sheer curtain for privacy in your boho dorm rooms!

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4. Express Your Wanderlust

Let everyone around you know that you loveeee to travel! This map tapestry is an awesome piece to have in your dorm room surrounded by pictures from places you have gone or family/friends you have traveled with. Add some string lights around it to really pull the decor together!

Show off your love for travel in your boho dorm rooms!

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5. Basic Isn’t Always Basic

You don’t need to go overboard with the lights, wall art, and tapestry to get the boho look. If you are someone who likes to keep things on the basic side, simply add a strand of string lights or a pop of color with a throw pillow.

Black and white mandala bedding is perfect for boho dorm rooms!

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6. Be One With Nature

Living in a dorm room doesn’t mean you need to lose sight of your love for nature. Bring in plants that don’t require sunlight or you can even go for the fake plants which are just as beautiful as the real ones! These awesome geometric wall pieces are a fun addition to the plants. You can’t forget the tapestry to pull the whole look together!

Add plants to give life to your boho dorm rooms!

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7. The Dreamer

College is all about chasing those dreams and working towards making them a reality. This huge dream catcher is the perfect way to go for the dreamy dorm look. Keep all of the pillows and blankets in the lighter/neutral tones.
Dream catchers are the definition of boho dorm rooms!

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8. Floral and Flirty

If you’re the flirty girl who can’t get enough of florals then boho dorm rooms like this are a great start of inspiration for you. Mixing patterns with floral comes together for a super cute look.

Mix and match floral with patterns for fun boho dorm rooms!

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9. 50 Shades of Blue

Blue is a color that seems to blend well with others. It also is a color that you can kind of go overboard with and still look really elegant. Use different colors of blue throughout your dorm room with added hints of neutral colors to help balance it out.

Different shades of blue are perfect for boho dorm rooms!

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10. Minimalist

Just because you consider yourself a minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a boho inspired dorm room. Simply add a tasseled throw blanket and a pop of color with a rug and you got it.

Grey with pops of color is perfect for simple boho dorm rooms!

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11. Good Vibes Only

Nothing says boho dorm room like some “good vibes”. The use of fun graphic throw pillows is an easy way to recreate a bohemian styled dorm.

Good vibes only in boho dorm rooms!

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12. Star Gazer

Dance by the sun, love by the moon. Show off your love of the moon and the stars by using moon tapestry and adding a string of star-shaped lights around it.

Show off your love for the moon in your boho dorm rooms!

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13. Playing With Patterns

As we’ve seen in other rooms, mixing patterns is really the best way to try out the boho theme. Solids, colors, and different designs all come together to get a fun and bold look.
Mixing different shades of purple and pink looks so cute in boho dorm rooms!

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14. Show Your Softer Side

Soft and neutral colors blend so beautifully together. You can’t say you aren’t ready to climb into that bed, don’t lie to yourself. And look at how cute the little elephant tea pot is! This decor is definitely one of my favorites.

Light colors and neutrals look so cute in boho dorm rooms!

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15. Keep It All White

Nothing says chic like all white bedding and decor. Add tropical leaves and plants around your room to add pops off color. Use bulb lights instead of the typical string lights to get a different, fun look.

Graphic pillows look super cute in boho dorm rooms!

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Do you have any other boho dorm rooms on Pinterest that you love? Share in the comments below!

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