20 Of The Most Hilarious Posts Found In The Temple University Facebook And Overheard Groups

It’s 2017, I’m pretty sure that you have a profile on Facebook by now. Before I even entered Temple University, they have added me into the “Temple University Class of 2017” group. There was no updates or any activity for years, until now. In the beginning of any semester, people would post about the books they are selling and the IDs they have found lying on the floor somewhere on campus. Memes have shown to be extremely popular when there’s an event on campus that everyone can recognize. Because of the large range of posts, strangers became friends. It eventually helped everyone understand what it meant to be TEMPLE MADE. Keep reading for the best posts from the Temple University Facebook and overheard groups.

1. Whoever made this emoji is a genius.

2. You done goofed.

3. It’s becoming an EPIDEMIC if you start to see this on your wall.

4. Does that mean I still have to take my umbrella out?

5. Nope, nothing important.


6. I’ll be right behind you.

7. I’m just as confused as you are.

8. ???

9. Smart choice.

10. Let me know.

11. Does that mean my 8 am is cancelled tomorrow?

12. I like my chicken wing raw.


13. ***CRINGE***

14. He’s a nice guy… really.

15. It’s probably behind the cleaning closet. See #6.

16. I’m broke too bro.

17. That’s a good sport!

18. We need more people like you.

19. Really….

20. Okay, this is not hilarious. BUT LOOK AT THAT FACE.


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