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12 Ways to Give Your Dorm Walls an Upgrade

12 Ways to Give Your Dorm Walls an Upgrade

If you are sick and tired of the decor in your room, check out the the simple and super cute ways to give your dorm walls an upgrade!

After endless hours in your dorm room, you may be sick of the bland walls and boring decor that you have had for months on end. There are so many different ways to give your dorm walls an upgrade that are simple and affordable to do! Trust me, everyone will want you to be their dorm stylist once you try out the 12 ways to give your dorm walls an upgrade below!

1. Decals

One of the most common ways to spice up plain dorm walls is to apply temporary decals. They don’t take up too much space, and you can get creative with them! Use the Internet as your resource to search for the perfect design to compliment your room’s aesthetic.

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2. Photos

So, you have a ton of photos from the semester you spent abroad, your favorite family vacation, and that fun night out with your friends; but you don’t know what to do with them. Buy some clothes pins and a ball of yarn, and you have a creative way to remember those fun times everyday. If the shabby chic vibe isn’t for you, tape your photos onto your walls into a cute shape, or pin them on a strand of Christmas lights!

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3. Lights

Have you ever imagined your dorm room to be a whimsical hideaway like the ones from your favorite childhood fairytales? Taping Christmas lights to your walls, and then pinning a sheer, white bed sheet over them will give your room the illusion of peaceful night sky.


4. Bulletin Board Shapes

This tip is aimed at students who prioritize organization! Buy a cheap stalk of bulletin board and cut it into a variety of shapes. Place them on your walls and pin reminders for all of your classes on them. Who said planning your week out couldn’t be fun?

5. Posters

This one comes straight from the 90’s when you had posters of Justin Timberlake on your walls. Rep your favorite band, city, movie, or brand and put their trademark on your form walls. You could also call your mom and ask her to find your old JT poster and use that… that would be cool, too.

6. Paint Swatches

You can turn anything into a DIY project. You know those paint swatches they give away at home improvement stores? Grab a bunch and get creative! Using different shades of blue will give your room a calming effect, while getting every color of the rainbow will have you waking up every morning with a cheerful spirit! Arrange them in a creative design, and you’ll be the envy of everyone on your floor.


7. Words in Lights

Everyone needs a motivational pick-me-up sometimes. Using a strand of Christmas lights, and shaping them into an inspirational word or phrase will be the reminder you need when pulling an all-nighter the night before a big test.

8. DIY Canvas Art

Painting is one of the best stress relievers. Take a break from school, gather up some friends, and have a craft day! Paint and canvases are super cheap, and will add personality to your dorm walls while being a memory of the fun you had making it.

9. Temporary Wallpaper

If you really want to make your dorm room feel homey, buy some temporary wallpaper and apply it to your walls. If you think your room is too small, pick one feature wall to put the temporary wallpaper on. Check with your RA before trying this one out!

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10. Tapestry

The easiest and trendiest way to give your dorm walls a face-lift is to pin a tapestry to them. Tapestries come in a variety of colors, designs and sizes. They will give your dorm an effortlessly cool vibe. A hidden perk in decorating with a tapestry is that it makes a perfect background for all of your Instagram pictures!


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11. Magazine Covers

If you love fashion, then this tip will be perfect for you. Since we all have magazines laying around our dorm, cut the covers off and create a cute boarder to put around the top perimeter of your walls!


12. Washi Tape

Washi tape is a trendy tape made from natural fibers that comes in any color or design imaginable. This tip will take the most creativity, as your can put washi tape on your walls and create any design you can think of. If you’re stumped, making chevron pattern will add a preppy style to your room!

Do you have any other ways to give your dorm walls an upgrade? Share in the comments below!
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