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5 Cute Summer Date Ideas For Students On A Budget

5 Cute Summer Date Ideas For Students On A Budget

What's better than a fun summer adventure with your sweetie? Here's our guide to cute summer date ideas that won't break the bank.

Being in a relationship doesn’t have to mean emptying your life savings on romantic gestures. That’s right, there are ways to woo your partner by taking advantage of local deals and destinations. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, these cute summer date ideas are sure to fit into your relationship and your college budget.

1. A Picnic in the Park

Let’s begin with the most cliché, yet cost effective date that couples have enjoyed for decades. By simply using items you and your partner already have, you can create a romantic scene straight out of Hollywood with a date that shows romance and thoughtfulness, without any meticulous planning. In Gainesville, a short trip to the Plaza of Americas, Bo Diddly Plaza or Lake Alice can bring you closer to nature while also bringing you closer to your partner. In the heat of Florida summers, it is often best to embark on your picnic later in the day and (bonus) you may even get to watch the sun set for some added romance. This is one of the many cute summer date ideas!

5 Cute Summer Date Ideas For Students On A Budget


2. Go exploring in a State Park

Kayaking, hiking and beautiful scenery are just a few of the many things that Florida State parks offer to their visitors. In Gainesville alone, Payne’s Prairie and Lake Wauburg have become centerpieces in the community. At Lake Wauburg, UF students have access to sports equipment from kayaks to volleyballs at NO COST. Students may also bring up to four guests, which means…double date! There are over a hundred state parks dispersed throughout Florida and the cost of enjoying these parks is usually little to nothing.

Florida is also home to numerous hot springs, which provide crystal clear waters for recreation and are often much less crowded than the beach during summer months. For example, Silver Springs is not far from the Gator Nation and offers camping sites and even glamping in cozy cabins. Not to mention, by going on a date in a State Park you save money and you help to protect these environments. There is no limit to the exploring you and your partner can do, so learn more about State Parks in your area and get to exploring with cute summer date ideas like this!

5 Cute Summer Date Ideas For Students On A Budget


3. …Or explore a Museum!

Not into exploring the outdoors? Well luckily for you, the Florida Museum of Natural History and Harn Museum of Art are free to students at UF. This classy date doesn’t have to break the bank and many museums across the country offer student discounts with a valid ID. This is a great way to escape the Florida heat while showing off your intellectual side one one of your cute summer dates.

4. Beachy Keen

Going to the beach may not sound revolutionary, but seeing the cute towns surrounding Florida beaches is something straight out of a romantic movie montage. Having a full-blown beach day isn’t necessary to take advantage of the hundreds of beaches in Florida, because behind every beach there is bound to be a colorful array of shops and restaurants to enjoy. From Anna Maria Island to Flagler and Pensacola, there is much more to a beach date than just sand and salt. It can be one of your cute summer date ideas!

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5 Cute Summer Date Ideas For Students On A Budget

5. Live Music

When people hear the word ‘concert’ they sometimes assume that this means paying hundreds of dollars to be a little too close to others in a loud arena. However, this is only a reality for people who don’t take advantage of live music by local artists. Every Wednesday, Bo Diddly Plaza hosts artists in the evening during their farmers market. The market is open to the public and many people attend just to lay on the grass of Bo Diddly and soak in the music and atmosphere.

Other restaurants and private businesses in Gainesville also host music of various genres, so look into your favorite songs to see if there’s a way to experience them locally. Doing this not only makes your wallet happy, it also helps local artists.


BONUS: Take advantage of community events and deals

Art shows, carnivals and other community-friendly events are often open to the public at little or no cost and provide an excellent venue for a date with a special someone. Be on the lookout for Groupon deals in your area and check your community calendar to see if there is an event that you think would be the perfect place to bring that special someone.

What’s your favorite date spot? What are your cute summer date ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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